Solo Travelers

Worldwide Tips for Solo Travelers

  1. Tips for solo travelers in the United Kingdom

Solo travelers in the United Kingdom are required to learn English as their first language for communication. In England, it’s safe and friendly to get around the countryside once you have no language barrier. Tips for solo travelers in the United Kingdom includes;

Getting around and exploring the city


Travelers don’t need to work around the city to visit their destinations because extensive train service is implemented all around the country with cheap fares. Solo travelers in the United Kingdom prefer this method of traveling around because it’s comfortable and easy to use. With just your bank payment enabled card, travelers can enter and leave the train station after each trip.

Although, there’s a possibility that the visitor might be on budget and want to try something a little cheaper like the coaches like bus and taxis.

Accommodation and food

If there’s one thing a traveler will require, it will be a perfect accommodation to relax in after the day trip. All cities have luxury accommodation that is comfortable for visitors. Most of the hotel in the city comprises of a restaurant for your meal with a lot of diets to choose from. Solo travelers that want complex meal can take a stroll to the international cuisines for an affordable meal like Chinese, and Italian. One more thing, travelers shouldn’t forget is the British pub that prepares Sunday roast near the countryside. It will be a great experience to visit the beaches and have a taste of seafood combined with other dishes.

  1. Tips for solo travelers in India

Solo travelers in India always enjoy the unlimited cultural events or myriad of humans with exciting discovery each time they visit. With the exceptional festival activities and the historical stories behind it, there’s no reason to avoid a fruitful trip to India. Tips for traveling;


Planning your trip

Before traveling, It’s best to plan your trip months ahead of the initial date. During this period, it’s best to book your flight and accommodating as early as possible at a cheaper rate. This is because Indian is a beautiful country and travelers around the world always visit the city to have a great time and experience.

Pack light

Solo travelers in India does not have to carry heavy backpacks because the country is so vast and it will be hard to find a comfortable transport for your loads. The best option is to carry a light backpack that you can carry around with ease to avoid inconvenience.

Traveling during the day

Solo travelers in India need to travel in the day time, to avoid risk depending on the destination. Most streets in India are always deserted at night, arriving during the day will travelers find their perfect destination without risk. Although it might be different during the festive period because of the traditional events and occasional, everywhere maybe crowded.

It is without a doubt that the purpose of this travel is to gain new experience and idea of Indian culture. So, traveling through the day and meeting the locals will help you in exploring India.

  1. Tips for solo travelers in Thailand

Thailand is a great country for travelers where you can have a fun time in the secluded sands, and dance. Solo travelers in Thailand have already identified this country to be a natural place for tourism with clean waterfalls, rainforests, and more. In Thailand, visitors can enter and explore the museums and temples around the city-state while taking a lot of amazing photos.

They have a well secured and monitor islands with lots of excellent views. If you like seafood, then solo traveling in Thailand is a great place for you because it won’t cost much to get a perfect meal. A traveler doesn’t need heavy backpacks as Thailand is filled with excitement that will make you walk around the countryside.

No matter the time of year, there’s always solo travelers in Thailand because its a beautiful place to visit. Travelers need to make a detailed plan on where they want to visit to avoid missing out any fun. Bangkok have been regarded as the first-class home for travelers in Thailand where local beer and slurp noodles are made available. But if you fancy the temples, then Ayutthaya is a great option with an ancient artifact and other important items.

The famous Kanchanaburi is a railway built by prisoners during the world war II can be explored by taking a train in the railway station. If you are not familiar with Thailand, it would be best to avoid working around at night unless you have someone taking you around the city.

  1. Tips for solo travelers in Singapore

Singapore’s is a strict country for travelers as they are have not experienced the kind of lifestyle here. The laws are very strict here and you could easily be fined for throwing a piece of paper on the floor. Even though the law is strict here, Singapore is a great country and if you take a look at their policy you will like the securing measures of this place.

Its a wonderful city with international visitors every day because it’s clean and safe for women traveling alone. It’s best to check the list of what you can carry inside the country like ”medicines” as they are always strict.

Solo travelers in Singapore can visit and explore the Singapore sling located at the Raffles Hotel. This is a small hotel but one of the famous building since 1887 with renovation and restoration being done annually.

When it comes to temples and colonial architectural buildings, the country’s largest cathedral know as St Andrews of the good shepherd is the oldest roman catholic church in Singapore. In Singapore, there’s a lot of churches and temples for most known religion like Hindu, catholic etc.

Solo travelers in Singapore are mainly attracted by the Sentosa island because of its beauty. The Sentosa island is a theme park developed around the southern part of Singapore. The cable car is used as a transportation method around this place and from the car, you can have a clear view of the island garden.

  1. Choose your best travel assistant in Goa

India is a very beautiful country with lots of holiday festivals and requires travelers to choose a travel assistant in Goa. All of there festivals are done in a different time of the year. No matter when you decide to visit India, you are likely to encounter a festive holiday. Indian holidays are best-known to be entertaining and well-organized. Most travelers prefer to travel to India during this holiday because they can’t bear to miss the exciting celebrations.

Even if it’s your first time traveling to India by choosing the best travel assistant in Goa, you have nothing to worry about because below is the best-known holiday that is worth visiting.

  • Diwali

Diwali is an Indian holiday festival also known as Deepavali. It’s a popular festival that is always held in October and everybody enjoys the entertainment even travelers from a different country around the world. During this October and November period, the country might seem a little populated because of this important holiday. Indians residing in other countries and cities often returns home during this period with their family.

Everywhere in India is always fun to stay during this period, especially the ”Rajasthan’s capital” where you can get a perfect view of the twinkling lights. But it will be a lot safe to choose the best travel assistant in Goa before going around.

  • Holi

Holi festival is astonishing and outstanding known as the festival of colors. This Indian holiday is always held at the ending of February to march. The celebration of this event is based on playing of colors mixed with water or colors added in water guns. This is one of the best festivals that Indians in all the country can be held at any place while most people mix cannabis and milk known as bhang.

6. Tips for solo travelers in Russia

Obviously, it’s required by law to carry your passport with you consistently when going around in Russia in case if you are stopped by the police.

Most solo traveler in Russia has asked whether it’s adequate to carry duplicates rather than the original. However, the risk of losing your international passport is high while carrying it around. So, it’s best to make the duplicate of your passport and visa identification while going around. Russia has a great restaurant for perfect meals and you won’t bear to miss going around St. Petersburg.

Abide by their culture

Of course, Russian culture isn’t that complicated but it doesn’t mean it isn’t hard to blend in among them. One more thing you need to avoid is keeping your hand inside pocket in the church as its inappropriate for their culture.

Drinking vodka

Regardless of whether you don’t ordinarily drink the stuff, in case you’re in Russia you should attempt to get a shot of the vodka in order to socialize properly. Vodka is served with a meal, and it’s ideal to drink it as a shot, not taste it.

Learning the basic language

Solo travelers in Russia need to learn few language expressions of Russian before visiting. This is important because you might be surprised by the number of individuals that could communicate in English, so even a bunch of fundamental words can help in breaking the language barrier. Although Google translates always help travelers in such situation as well; once they have downloaded the language pack to avoid paying for information and communication help.

7. Tips for solo travelers in Indonesia

Solo travelers in Indonesia have a lot of places to visit with different cultural experience, food, and religion all around the country. Traveling around Indonesia is more enigmatic than in other Asia countries. Indonesia is the best friendly place for solo travelers because you have a high chance of meeting a lot of people visiting for tourism. The city-state is nearly covered with fantastic infrastructure for tourist and other activities.

During your stay at Indonesia, you must make sure not to miss the Yoyo’s, West Sumbawa. The west Sumbawa is a very popular place in Indonesia with a lot of restaurant and hotels. Solo travelers in Indonesia visits the west Sumbawa because of the incredible photo ops and beaches. The west Sumbawa is easily accessible through the Lombok’s east side and it’s easy for travelers to meet some local people that are surfing around. Surfing, diving, and snorkeling in West Sumbawa is a very good experience for solo travelers in Indonesia.

The other place that travelers visit frequently is the Mt. Tambora of which you can get a good view once you are on top of it. Not every solo travelers will like to climb a mountain but if you fancy hiking, then it will be fun for you. Mt. Tambora is a great place with a perfect environmental view, although it’s not that high it’s one of the best mountains in Indonesia. This mountain is a great place for a photographer because of the view.

8. Tips for solo travelers United state

Traveling around the world brings great experience but most people won’t want to visit any other country without stepping a foot in the United state. In the United State, there are a lot of international adventures for travelers and its a destination for solo travelers with a great city vibe. Whether you are visiting for outdoor or indoor activity, a traveler most look at the accessibility, hospitality, and cost of the trip.

The cosmopolitan atmosphere in the United State is different as explained by travelers visiting San Francisco, California and New York.

San Francisco is a wonderful place is from the west coast, and many international travelers fancy there. This place has an awesome view with great energy flowing around friendly people. The city hills is a perfect place for hiking and enjoying a nice atmosphere. Here, you can move around in the city with cars, buses, or you can trek to the Golden Gate Park and meet new Japanese people in the tour garden near Chinatown. In Chinatown, you can have a friendly dinner even with friends or family. Once you visit the Golden gate, you shouldn’t forget to get the picture of the famous Golden gate bridge.

Even if you are a solo traveler in the United state and decide to visit New York, there’s a lot of good stuff around here. But you should know that New York is not like other cities because it’s populated and you are going to see the crowd almost everywhere.

9. Tips for solo travelers in South Africa

Solo travelers in South Africa can’t stop talking about the exceptional view of Africa. If you are contemplating traveling to South Africa for tourism purpose for the first time, you need to have a detailed plan for your trip. For example, planning for a private transfer, security, and other supplements which will cost a lot, but the experience is worth it. Before traveling to South Africa, make sure that you make a detailed plan of where will visit, travel with an escort and avoid going out in the night.

Going around might be hard being the reason you need a private transfer to take you around to meet fellow travelers while you feel secure. The trip might take up to 11 to 14 days to covers a few of the most important areas. It would be better to travel in groups for a better experience as it can give you the opportunity to know people.

Solo travelers in South Africa always like the view of wide-life and their extensive culture. South Africa has a lot of culture and tradition that travelers will be surprised to know. Once you are in South Africa, you can visit popular places such as Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg. Cape Town is a well-organized place with a good view, nice hotels, and restaurant for foreigners. Choosing one of the hotels in the above-mentioned place is a good idea, even though it might be costly. From the hotel, you can easily visit the zoo for an awesome view of different species of animals and take pictures.

10. Tips for solo travelers in Australia

All solo travelers can’t bear to resist a trip to Australia because of its a comfortable and fabulous destination. Its a safe place for women travelers with a lot to offer visitors. In Australia, you can enjoy a slow pace and incredible natural beauty. No matter the age all women can solo travel to Australia and have a peace of mind.

Australian are very friendly to solo travelers and always happy to offer help. The city is famous because of its reputation and beautiful restaurant scene with every meal perfect to your expectation. Australia is where most culinary showcases their talent to international visitors ready to enjoy a great meal. Even if the restaurant is small, it doesn’t mean that the meal from the bigger restaurant is more perfect.

The country is almost easy to navigate through without being lost for solo travelers. Travelers might visit the antique museum and enjoy the view of the old artifact while taking pictures for further exploration. The antique museum is a very popular place with different souvenirs, furniture, and arts-works than other museums in Australia. It’s a cool place to visit because there are a lot of Africa unique items inside this museum, with each item having its own story. Inside the antique museum are items from Thailand and other neighboring countries gathered together. The antique museum attracts a lot of international travelers every day because there’s no way to examine all items in this museum at once.

11. Tips for solo travelers in Kenya

Solo travelers in Kenya have their way of meeting new people and having a great holiday. All around Kenya are blessed with natural environment and travelers uses public transport to get a glimpse of these environment-friendly locals. They always keep engaging to engage in conversation while directing you to your destination. Travelers visit the safaris to enjoy the small tented camps while some look for public lodges in the city for more personalized service.

Travelers staying at the safaris have easy access of visiting the cost but if you are not comfortable to be in the bush with a wide range of wide animals, you should forget the safaris and other popular reserves like Masi Mara and Amboseli. The Malindi is very sociable with a friendly vibe being comfortable for solo travelers that fancy the city culture.

Kenya is a nice place and very sociable to travelers that join the safaris group or stay at their lodges while enjoying a comfortable and expensive view of the environment. There is no potential risk in traveling to Kenya, although not applicable to people going around at night in most cities. It will be better to avoid deserted beaches and enjoy your solo travel in Kenya. Before going to Kenya try to understand where you are going to visit so that you will not become lost during the journey or have a person from a travel agency pick you up at the airport to your hotel for security purposes.

12. Tips for solo travelers in Finland

Traveling around the country have been a more common experience for solo travelers during a career break. Finland is a great place which offers activities for several activities. Helsinki offers a beautiful with higher quality architecture and culture to travelers. Most solo travelers in Finland prefers more activities by going up to the Lapland in the North to experience the lights in the winter or the midnight sun in the summer. During summer months travelers visit the Lapland for recreational activities like biking, hiking and snow mobbing etc which is great to witness even if you are not participating.

The Lapland is a famous place for travelers with astonishing views around the village. Even though the Lapland is quite far from Helsinki, but that won’t be enough reason for solo travelers to miss it. Experiencing the view of the light and other fun activities around Lapland might take you up to two weeks.

It’s not that hard for solo travelers in Finland to find restaurants with Finnish cuisine and regional dishes. If you want to prepare a meal by yourself, the supermarkets might be a good place to start while most people want easy and high-quality food from the local vendors or restaurants. Although, visiting during the festival period will provide a good opportunity to taste seasonal food in Helsinki and a good period to purchase food from a local merchant at a cheaper rate. The Baltic Herring Festival in Helsinki, Finland is a good opportunity for seasonal food.

13. Tips for solo travelers in Norway

For solo travelers, Norway is not the first choice but it doesn’t mean that the country is not safe but because the destination is remote. Norway is a great place with beautiful cities where you can meet a lot of people that want to enjoy the true view of nature. Even though the country might be a little crowded but solo traveler in Norway always enjoys solitude with a series of outdoor activities.

In Norway, you can see a lot of people hiking that can make your trip have another meaning without feeling alone. There are always people eating in restaurants and everyone’s friendly. The country has no risk, in-fact they have the lowest recorded crime rate but that doesn’t mean you won’t use your instinct as you go around.

Once more thing about Norwegians is that they won’t bump at you and get friendly but they will help you if you lost your way and they are very polite people. They are very nice in treating women equally like in Europe. So, solo women travelers are welcome in Norway anytime or any day. They have a lot of hotels where you can relax after each day trip but be sure to book your place to stay on time. Probably before paying for a flight to obtain an apartment at a cheaper rate with a lot of luxury. Solo travelers in Norway need to know where their hotel is from the airport to avoid going astray by asking the hotel support for proper directions.

14. Tips for solo travelers in Iceland

Iceland is one of the best-known destinations for solo travelers that want to enjoy endless adventures like visiting the museum and waterboarding etc.

Solo travelers in Iceland visits the antique museum for proper exploration of old items. The antique museum is an exciting place to visit as the name implies, it’s a museum where Iceland stores all the discovered items including coins. Inside this museum are over 500 different coins with varieties of symbols and designs all over the world. Most of the Egyptian coin can be found inside this place with detailed and organized information on each coin. When visiting, they can even let you take a closer look at the coin or take pictures which can help in research purpose.

Trying snowboarding and surfing is a great deal to most people that don’t go to the restaurant. It’s one of the best types of sports that you can find in Iceland being practice by sports professionals to showcase their talent. This sport is a lot more fun that sunbathing where you need to sit idle a watch other people having a great time in the sea. Well, it’s your time to have a great time too, if you can hold the board and try the world number one popular water sports. You may need to seek the help of professionals if you are new to the sport. If you are a solo traveler in Iceland, you can consider this to be a great experience on your trip.

15. Tips for solo travelers in Ukraine

Ukraine is a beautiful place to travel with lots of adventures to witness. If you a solo traveler in Ukraine for the first time, why not consider going with a group just to be safe. Most visitors in Ukraine are strong biker that likes skiing activities in this fabulous city. Travelers that are interested in skiing always visit the Bukovel for a good skiing adventure and wonderful memories. Ukraine is one of the famous places today with lots of attraction to people in Europe. Even though you might not want to travel to Europe but when you discover all they had to offer, you will have a change of mind.

Kiev is a beautiful city for solo travelers in Ukraine with historic architecture that will surprise you. While in Kiev, you can rent a bike for going around the city-state but when you are interested in more than just biking visit the Bukovel. The Bukovel is a great place for snow skiing with a lot of luxury hotels and Spa’s in the mountains. Solo traveling to Bukovel might feel lonely because there are a lot of skiing packages available which could be more fun for travelers in a group. On Bukovel, there a lot of slopes with different levels where you can ski the Carpathian Mountains with the fast ski lift. Even beginners have their slopes of skiing in Ukraine. The best part on Bukovel in the restaurant and hotels in the mountain where you can eat and relax after skiing throughout the day.

16. Tips for solo travelers in Latvia

Solo travelers in Latvia tend to visit Riga because it’s the capital and largest city in Latvia with a lot of population up to 700,000. This is a very important place in Latvia according to the industrial, economic and financial centers. Before solo traveling to Ukraine, you need to learn a few basic of Latvian and Russian Language as most people in this country speaks both. Visiting during May and September are liking to experience fine weather with well-organized events. During this time of the year, the weather tends to get colder at night and you will need an umbrella because of rain.

In Riga, you don’t need to worry about where to stay because the city center is a very convenient place for travelers to relax after their Journey. The riverbank at the river Daugava near the old town has a great view and friendly neighborhood that knows the best way of welcoming visitors.

If you are a solo traveler in Ukraine going around Riga, public transportation might be a good way of taking a good look around. The buses and trolley-buses run around the city-state up to 24 hours every day by Rigas satiksme. The transportation from Rigas Satiksme is quite cheaper with a comfortable compartment. But if you want to take a look at the free transportation, the Riga card will be the best option for you as they offer free public transportation to hotels and restaurant while the taxis have fixed prices but very comfortable. Drinking in Riga is prohibited to the age of 18 and below.

17. Tips for solo travelers in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a great place even though it’s not that famous. Solo travelers in Sri Lanka enjoy the Buddhist country and a very safe place for women that always travel alone. Srilanka view is equivalent to India, even with the dressing code of people around this city. People in Sri Lanka are very friendly and can show travelers around the city. One more thing about Sri Lanka is that they do not have many hostels for traveler within the country. It’s hard to find a perfect hostel for family travelers except on the southwest beach where you can relax and feel comfortable. There are a lot of places to visit in Sri Lanka because its a place for banana, coconut, and honey. They are blessed with vegetation that is colorful.

They have been practicing a lot of traditional culture for three thousand years ago. The beaches here are exceptionally beautiful with a bright view such as the Negombo beach. The beach is located on the northern part of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Most of the buildings in Sri Lanka has a very remarkable architectural design from the colonial Masters.

There are a lot of fish market near the Negombo beach being run by the locals fishing around the beach. The locals here take fishing as their day’s work and when you merely walk around the beach. You have a high chance of learning a lot from them such as glistening of fish and the perfect way to dry it under the sun. Sri Lanka is a very special and natural country for solo travelers.

18. Tips for solo travelers in Switzerland

Solo travelers in Switzerland have a series of activities to enjoy in the city such as wakeboarding, wake evolution or riding in the sea.

Xtreme wakeboarding

The Xtreme wakeboarding in Switzerland is always performed in the marina with boats and boards. Even if it’s your first time riding the wakeboarding, the instructors will make sure that you have safe wakeboarding. This sport is perfect without any reason to worry, it’s a good sport for a great time.

Wake Evolution

The wake evolution is a friendly sport with an extraordinary team. All the equipment need for the sport are made available and ready for you. When performing at the marina, you can have a clear view of the city. The instructors in the marina help you improve your ability of wakeboarding which is awesome. Whether you are a fan of padding board the instructors can help you, even though it’s much faster wake evolution.

Riding in the sea

Even if you are a solo traveler in Switzerland visiting the sea for the first time, you will be intrigued. For example, I was surprised and intrigued by the sea riders with their slick boat. It’s a fun sport to start with, but if you are a beginner might look a little bit weird at first. All these sea riders offer wakeboarding and wakesurfing. They organize sports events or trips, where they perform and showcase their talents while boarding on the sea.

You should know that wakeboarding, wake evolution, and surfing in the sea is a safe sport in Switzerland without any risk of being injured. You should remember that the instructors are there to help you learn.

19. Tips for solo travelers in New Zealand

Solo travelers in New Zealand, do not have to spend a lot because everything is a little bit cheaper. Its a great place for solo travelers, even though the city is a lot smaller than Australia but a safe place to travel around. New Zealand has a lot of outdoor adventure activities to offer travelers. Traveling to New Zealand with a valid visa is a golden ticket to all Asia and Americans. People in this place are very friendly to solo travelers when they get stuck or lost their way.

Traveling solo in New Zealand is very easy because it’s a perfect place with the best outdoor experience from tourism. The north and south Island of this country are built to have amazing landscape, and hot springs.

Auckland is a very special city in New Zealand with a lot of city sails and other surrounding volcanic craters around the harbor where you can relax and watch the world sail. Auckland is a perfect place that is blessed with the fish market and rain gardens easy to grab what you want to eat. During the summertime in Auckland, you have an opportunity of enjoying the waterfront and live friendly music from locals around the city-state. Solo travelers in New Zealand visit the country’s first marine reserve near the Goat Island for a perfect experience through the underwater life and the Mt. Eden with an exceptional view. The mountain is a perfect place to gain a hiking experience because of the perfect vegetation in the mountain.

20. Tips for solo travelers in Cambodia

During the development and growing of the expats in Cambodia city. Cambodia has been rapidly growing over food with new developments of cafes and restaurants in every area being perfect for solo travelers.

Culinary boutique

Cambodia has various spots for a perfect brunch for your first visit. You can start by enjoying your breakfast at the culinary boutique. A culinary boutique is a perfect place for breakfast with a good amount of space for having breakfast if you are a solo traveler in Cambodia They know just the way of making an excellent breakfast that you won’t dare to forget.

cafe grounds

The coffee grounds is a very quiet place, easy to be seen from the Mall. Their coffee is sweet with lots of flavors added. There’s no way that you can visit the coffee ground without finding anything you like to taste. Even the lime mayo is good, the taste will take you to a new level.

You can choose to speed your first day of the weekend as a solo traveler in Cambodia with the above mention places before moving to a good brunch spot. The brunch spots allow getting cool dining without the distraction of the city door being open. Even family members and friends prefer brunch as a great spot for good views. Cambodia is a very popular place for party lovers as they serve several types of dishes in the world prepared in one spot.

21. Tips for solo travelers in Canada

Most solo travelers in Canada visit the shopping mall for the perfect antique and other shopping opportunities. Canada has a lot of shopping places without limit on purchasing what you want, either electronics, gold, designer labels, and luxury items. There are several shopping malls built around Canada, even small shops have almost everything you might need because all the goods in Canada are from other neighboring countries. Solo international travelers visit Canada for shopping purposes like buying expenses wrist watches and pieces of jewelry.

What to know about shopping in Canada?

Shopping malls

These shopping malls offer exceptional aides during the summer by providing a relaxing space inside the mall. This space includes a big dining space enough to accommodate grownups and children with entertainments like an aquarium and other fun experience inside the mall. Most of these malls have special and famous festivals that help in attracting a thousand customers all around the world. The festival is always held in January which lasts up to a month with thousands of shopping prizes.

Shopping opportunity

After the shopping festival in January, another big event in Canada is the year round up shopping which attracts international visitors to the shopping malls. Canada is a small city with a lot of experience and stores all around restaurants. You should be careful to check clothes sizes well before buying to avoid getting something smaller or bigger than our size. Solo travelers in Canada has a lot of places with outstanding features to visit.

22. Tips for solo travelers in Nigeria

Solo travelers in Nigeria always have a great time exploring the Lagos city. Lagos is a wonderful city blessed with natural environments such as beautiful beaches and a lot of people heading to their different destination. Before traveling to Lagos, you need to book an apartment in one of the wonderful hotels in Lagos to avoid being stranded when you arrive. Few of their hotel’s fee might be costly but worth it, as they offer 24-hour security service in the hotel to ensure safety.

While traveling around, you can choose public transportation or book a taxi for the day trip. But be sure to price the taxi before entering to avoid confusion. Solo traveling can visit the beach in Lagos where you can have a great time. The hotels in Lagos delivers a decent meal like Chinese food, Italian food, and other preferred dishes. So travelers have nothing to worry about concerning their meal of choice.

You should avoid walking around at night whenever you are solo traveling in Nigeria because it’s not safe especially for women travelers. Another city that you might want to visit is Abuja as they have wonderful cafes if you like coffee. You can have a wonderful coffee in one of the cafes in the city while meeting a lot of people. Once more thing to do while traveling in Nigeria is to leave your money, expensive devices, and other essential documents in the hotel while going around to avoid losing it.

23. Tips for solo travelers in Brazil

Brazil is a good place to visit and spend some quality time around. Solo travelers in Brazil can visit the Copacabana shoreline to experience a well-known view detailed to you by motion pictures and documentaries about Brazil, offering you perspective information and potential view on Copacabana Fort on the right and the popular Sugarloaf Mountain on the left. On the beach, there are kiosks where chairs can be rented and they additionally sell organic product drinks, water, soft drink, lager, and margaritas! So you don’t need to stress over beverages while remaining at the shoreline. Solo travelers in Brazil can bring their own seat and covers to lay on, which also acceptable as the whole beach shore is open for other travelers.

The road that runs parallel leading to the beach-side is Avenida Atlantica and is a very populated area. This is where a lot of luxury restaurant and hotels can be found. Praça Do Lido, a little park in Av. Atlantica near the side of Av. Princesa Isabel is the place you can locate the official transport vans to Christ the Redeemer Statue to take the perfect picture with the statue. The transportation cost is less expensive and it incorporates a round excursion ticket and passage to the landmark. There are different ways to reach the statue easily, through taxicabs, transports or train from Tijuca National Park. The statue is a standout in the history of arts-works in the World and explains a lot about Rio.

24. Tips for solo travelers in Mauritius

Solo travelers in Mauritius appreciates their soft white sands, clear turquoise waters, and tall palm trees adding more to the view, this beautiful island charms all who visit with its special view. Regardless of whether you like sunbathing, you can equally participate in water-sports, or appreciate the view. Mauritius has something to suit every solo travelers and make their day fun.

The east beach-side of Mauritius demonstrates the world-prominent Shangri-La Le Touessrok Resort and Spa. This well-known property was redesign around April in 2015 and revived in November the same year, adding modern design style on the property. The majority of the structures on this territory are well-organized and developed from timber to cover all through the Le Touessrok. In the point that the timber cover gives an advantageous and most valued living spot on the Island.

The retreat’s territories for solo explorers in Mauritius incorporate five eateries, bars, pools, and a shopping arcade where you can get all you need. There are bunches of parlor territories as well, ideal for becoming more acquainted with different explorers and invest some quality energy. Obviously, there is a shoreline close-by for some great sunbathing!

Solo travelers in Mauritius will discover different assortments of potential activities, for example, participating in water-skiing, windsurfing, swimming, kayaking, cruising, in addition to kitesurfing, and some more.

Solo travelers in Mauritius have a general offer arranged for them, and a good amount of that Mauritian flavor while eating and appreciating an incredible additional treat.

25. Tips for solo travelers in Maldives

Solo travelers in Maldives have a lot to see and do while enjoying the warmth of the sun from this beautiful city. Maldives is described to be the best place for couples visiting from around the world, with a low lying beach-side near the islands. The Island provides a satisfying experience to solo travelers visiting Maldives.

Maldives always perform a lot of tradition festival celebration that involves all the locals in this city. There are several potential resorts for solo travelers in this city. The Outrigger Konotta resort is one amoung the most prominent properties, situated at Gaafu Atoll. There’s no recorded history in Maldives since data is being exchanged orally starting with one age then onto the next.

Outrigger Konotta is a standout among the southern islands in the nation, it was renovated for solo travelers in 2005 and since then, there was no specific method of an entrance to this resort for solo travelers until the Kaadedhdhoo Airport was built in 1993. Maldivian food includes Indian, Sri Lankan, and Arabic flavors which tastes better. The sweetness of coconut is combined with starch to make healthy dinners, and, obviously, a lot of fish can be found in this area.

Luxuries hotels in Konotta offers exceptional dishes for those who’d like to take a couple of food home. The flawless Indian Ocean is a superior spot to visit due to its fascination in substantial fishing experience. Another extraordinary experience for solo travelers in the Maldives is fishing in this area.


26. Tips for solo travelers in South Africa

Solo travelers in South Africa can’t stop talking about the exceptional view of Africa. If you are contemplating traveling to South Africa for tourism purpose for the first time, you need to have a detailed plan for your trip. For example, planning for a private transfer, security, and other supplements which will cost a lot, but the experience is worth it. Before traveling to South Africa, make sure that you make a detailed plan of where will visit, travel with an escort and avoid going out in the night.

Going around might be hard being the reason you need a private transfer to take you around to meet fellow travelers while you feel secure. The trip might take up to 11 to 14 days to covers a few of the most important areas. It would be better to travel in groups for a better experience as it can give you the opportunity to know people.

Solo travelers in South Africa always like the view of wide-life and their extensive culture. South Africa has a lot of culture and tradition that travelers will be surprised to know. Once you are in South Africa, you can visit popular places such as Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg. Cape Town is a well-organized place with a good view, nice hotels, and restaurant for foreigners. Choosing one of the hotels in the above-mentioned place is a good idea, even though it might be costly. From the hotel, you can easily visit the zoo for an awesome view of different species of animals and take pictures.

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