Which is the best flight booking website, Makemytrip or Cleartrip ?

Do you book your flight and hotel regularly online through some travel websites? If yes, then which are the best websites and why? Let’s see below by going viewing some real reviews of the real people who booked their flights and hotels online through travel websites.

Cleartrip.com: It is a travel site where you can book your flight and hotels online. The review given by some customers who booked a flight from their website is here – I booked recently, Air Arabia Flight from Bengaluru to Moscow and Moscow to Bengaluru through Cleartrip.com and due to some personal problem, I want to cancel my flight ticket. So, when I go to their website and applied for cancellation they accepted and said they are calculating your refund amount that how much you will get refund money back so I waited for 2 days then they sent mail that they have refunded zero money to you as they are non-refundable tickets but while booking they never mentioned that it is a nonrefundable ticket.


If its nonrefundable ticket then how they accepted for cancellation of tickets and who wants to cancel that ticket if they will refund the zero amount. If it is nonrefundable ticket then at least before they cancel the ticket they have to message me or call me and tell me that this is a nonrefundable ticket and you will get zero amount if I cancel the ticket but they never did that. So it clearly says that cleartrip.com is completely a fraud company which is just sitting online to hunt the people money. I will never suggest anybody to book your flights or hotels from this Cleartrip.com, If you book then surely you will lose your hard earned money in a bad way.

Makemytrip.com: The review has given by some customers who booked their flight from makemytrip.com – I was booked my flight tickets from Mumbai to Bangkok and Bangkok to Mumbai from MakeMyTrip.com and its service is awesome and they give a very cheapest flights always for their customers. They never include bad flights in their search result which is comparatively opposite to MakeMyTrip search result. MakeMyTrip really cares for his customers and about their safety but Cleartrip is the worst website it always adds bad flights which are not at all safe for people, they just add bad flights in their server just to get good commission from those flight organizations.

So finally, I suggest always book your flights and hotels through MakeMyTrip.com as you, your family and your money will be safe and happy.  Cleartrip is just nothing but a fraud company.

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