Wat pho temple

Wat Pho Temple, Bangkok

Wat Pho temple is a famous tourist destination located in Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok is one of the most remarkable and beautiful cities in the world characterized by several tourist attraction sites, the most famous being The Wat Pho Temple. Bangkok is the most populated city in Thailand. The city has an area of 1,565 square kilometres and a the population of approximately 7million people. Bangkok has a royal name and since 1972, its official name is Krungthep Mahanakorn.

Reclining buddha
Reclining buddha

The temple is also commonly referred to as ‘The Temple of the Reclining Buddha’. It is the oldest temple in Bangkok and it is famous for the Golden Reclining Buddha. The tourists from many parts of the world visits the temple to catch a spectacular view of the Reclining Buddha. Many tourists believe that visiting the temple enables them to get over the problems in their lives. They also believe the temple brings them peace and is a way of getting bad luck out of their lives. Officially, the temple is known as Wat Phra Chetuphon. The temple is a well-known landmark that provides an amazing site for tourist from all over the world. It houses Reclining Buddha. The reclining Buddha is a massive statue (46 meters long) that dwarfs anyone standing next to it. It has several Buddha images, therefore, acts as an important place for worship. The statue is well decorated by use of Buddhist characters and Sanskrit commonly referred to as Laksana. The temple is also characterized by nicely decorates Chinese statutes, beautiful tiles, flowers and a huge collection of Buddha images. All structures have a similar architectural design making them uniform and more appealing to the eye.


Other than the aesthetic value associated with the temple, it offers mental and psychological healing to tourists visiting the site. Tourists from all over the world visit the temple enjoy traditional Thai massage, which brings about relaxation. Different yoga styles are practised at the temple. They are always a good way to unwind and relax as they relieve mental stress and ease blood pressure, enabling proper blood circulation within the body.
Approximately, the temple occupies a total of 8 hectares. In addition to the temple being a tourist attraction site, the Wat Pho Temple of Bangkok serves as an important education and training centre. Within the temple are several training rooms and facilities. In fact, the temple is regarded as a major centre for public education. It is recognized as the first public university in Thailand. Thai school of Medicine is located within the temple. Several activities take place in the temple. Traditional Thai Massage, midwifery and medicine is taught and carried out within the temple Thai massage.

The temple is a good place to visit for leisure, either as an individual or as a group. It is opened on daily basis from 8.00 A.M to 4.00 P.M. There is a lot to learn and enjoy at the Wat Pho Temple of Bangkok.