Karnagio Thassos bar

Visit the Beautiful Karnagio Thassos Bar

Karnagio Beach Bar is located on Thassos Island in Greece. The island is one of the most popular travel destinations in the region. People from all over the world are coming every summer to walk in its green forest, to relax on its beaches, to feel Ancient Greece and to have fun. Thassos Island has a lot to offer – from hiking up in its clear, green mountains up to the entire set of sea sports.

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This is the northernmost island in Greece, located very close to the mainland – just 7 km from the town Keramoti. Thassos has generally round shape, and thanks to its green and flourishing nature is also called “The Green Emerald of Greece”. Its area is 380 square kilometers, large enough to offer new adventures for every day.

The largest town on the island is called Thassos, too (also Limenas from the locals). It has over 3500 local inhabitants, and hundreds of bars, beach bars, tavernas (restaurants), gift shops, fast food places and everything a tourist would love!

If you ever go on Thassos you won’t be able to stop going there! The people are nice and smiled, despite of the Greek Financial Crisis. There is always someone to show you the way, to help and to give you a smile. The sun and the quality food and drinks are just small part of Thassos atmosphere!

Of course, there are some negative aspects, when visiting Thassos, especially, if you want to have a good time. In high season prices go up to 70 Euros per night for an acceptable studio. It is noisy day and night and quality food and drinks are not cheap! If you prefer relaxing and quiet stay – your best option is June and the end of September, still the weather is not very reliable then.

Among the hundreds of bars, shops and restaurants I chose for us to visit Karnagio Beach Bar, one of the newest and most visited places on the Island. It is one of the places that has to offer more than quality food and drinks. The Karnagio Thassos Bar is located in Limenas town, in fact at the end of the city beach, hidden on a small peninsula (really small), which separates it from other bars. There you can run away from the crowded beach noises and completely relax under the sounds of nice Chill out music.

Karnagio Thassos Bar has small beach area( 60-70 seats), covered partially with sand and partially with white marble stones, the chairs are wooden and there are nice wooden umbrellas to cover you from the sun. This is just one side of the beach, on the other side you can see a bar made from a boat, in fact it is really a small boat with chairs.

 There are also poofs and small wooden tables, along with tables made from old machinery, covered with glass. The Karnagio Thassos Bar also has another side, literally – on the other side of the shop you can sit and have lunch just in front of the most beautiful view on the island.

I am not over – this beach bar has a second floor, too!

In fact, Karnagio Thassos Bar is a beach bar, just for the day, in the night becomes one of the most visited bars on the island. It offers thematic nights – Greek night, Cuba Nights, Latino parties and much more. It has a great list of cocktails and serves food until one o’clock in the night. You can dance, drink and have all the fun you want, the shop is open until the morning!

One of the most impressive things about Karnagio Thassos bar you can see in the night, when you go inside the bar – the place, where your drinks are made. The Bar is made on a rock, real rock, where the bottles of drinks are! With the lights on – you feel on a magic place!

There are, of course some minuses, Karnagio Thassos bar is one of the most expensive places on the island – for example, a usual toast (bread, ham and cheese) costs 2-3 Euros everywhere, but there it is 4 euros. It is the same with the drinks. Also in the night, the place is so busy that the drinks and food are late, most of the time, it is also away from any shops and hotels (including cigarette shops).

Still no matter the prices and the rest of the minuses, Karnagio Thassos Bar worth a visit and I can assure you that you will come back!


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