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We all love the summer, it a great season; we get a vacation and visit different places, or the same every year, but mostly we have a lot of fun, sea and sun. For these of you, who love to see different places and go to the same place for 20 years – I want to introduce you Thassos Island. It is a place I wrote about in few posts, but I love it and I can’t stop telling you about it.

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This year Thassos Island was ranked as the Top destination in Greece, in fact, more than million and a half tourists are expected to visit this summer. For a 380 square kilometers island – this is a lot.

The last five years Thassos is changed and this is the reason for its success. Just 6-7 years ago you could find an espresso just in few shops and now it is everywhere. This is just a small example of the growth of the island’s economy. Now everything is available and possible, even the large hotels, built the last 3-4 years outside of any town or populated area.

The island has a lot to offer: crystal sea water, clean beaches, green forests and wild mountains; the nature there is protected. If you love hiking, this is one of the places you must visit; it is loved by German tourists. You are a sports fan – all the seas sports are covered – paragliding, windsurf, diving, jets ski, canoeing and fishing.

Of course, if you just want to relax, there are very nice small beaches, where you will find the peace you need.

Thassos is the place to taste traditional Greek food, made of fresh ingredients, prepared every day; the seafood lovers will be able to enjoy fresh fish every day, delivered by the local fishermen. Aside of the food, Thassos shops offer always high-quality drinks, no fake alcohol; you can try the local drink – tsipouro (very nice), made of grapes.

                                                          Tsipouro Drink

Traditional Greek food

Thassos Island has also Museum, amphitheater and hundreds of ancient ruins to see, great small villages up in the mountains and a bit bigger villages near the sea. Aside of the great vacation, you can learn a lot about this ancient culture.

Thassos town is the biggest on the island, around 3500 local inhabitants. It is the closest point to the mainland, to reach it from Keramouti (mainland town) takes just 35 minutes with the ferry. Also, there is no other transport to the island – just the ferryboats from Keramouti and Kavala (large city on the mainland).

Thassos town or Limenas, as it is called by the locals is the place where most of the hotels, coffee shops, shops and bars are located. There is also the Porto espresso wine bar, highly popular place.

Porto espresso bar was opened two years ago, in the center of the town. It became one of the most visited places by both, locals and tourists. The sophisticated atmosphere makes the difference; the place is classy, which distinguishes it from the other bars. To go at the espresso bar Thassos you need to be well dressed, to look classy; in fact, it makes you feel classy. You can feel the difference.

Porto espresso bar Thassos is located on the second floor of a two-floor building in the center of the town. It has a wide balcony, where you can watch the streets, the sea or the approaching ferryboats, enjoying a glass of quality wine or great cocktail. It is not simply an espresso bar Thassos, they also organize party events with DJ’s for their customers, but not only. There are also famous singers, who perform for the audience and you just have to get a drink, no entrance fee, nothing!

It is a bit expensive to go there, a drink costs twice more than usual. The service is very good and friendly, the drinks are high quality and they serve food (snacks and sandwiches mostly).

Porto espresso bar Thassos is one of the best places available this year and I personally recommend it to you and your friends. If you decide to spend your vacation on Thassos, just try it and you won’t regret it.

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