Visit Places of Shemales in Delhi

Shemale refers to a transgender woman with male genitalia and who involved in the sex trade. The term ‘shemale’ is regarded as derogatory by many transgenders as this term neglects the gender identity of a person and focuses on their natal sex. This term is frequently used in pornography as it often implies that the transgender woman is a sex-worker. Due to the nature of their work, these people have a high rate of sexually transmitted infections.

Places of Shemales in Delhi


As prostitution and dance bars are illegal in Delhi, prostitution involving shemales is operational in disguise in posh and happening localities, mostly commercial in nature, of Delhi and NCR. Shemales in Delhi can be seen on specific roads after 11 pm. The modus operandi of shemale sex-workers involves standing at various public places such as bus stands, petrol pumps, street sides; isolated streets and established sex sites, where customers negotiate rates with a bunch of shemales, during the late hours of the night. Shemales in Delhi can be located on service lanes near residential areas of Lodhi Garden, Defence Colony, Kaka Nagar, Lajpat Nagar, etc. Other locations include National Stadium bus stand and the flyover expanse between Barapullan and Moolchand.  Nightclubs of Gurgaon employ shemales as dancers. Moreover, GB Road, which is one of the key area and third largest brothel in India, engages shemales in flesh trade. If you are traveling south part of India then check out the places of shemales in Bangalore, shemales in Kochi, Shemales in Chennai and Shemales in Goa.

How to Approach and Their Cost

These women can usually be found in a group of three or more at public places. Their business hours of shemales in Delhi start around 10 PM according to some reports. The clients usually approach them in their personal vehicles and an initial conversation starts. The client states his preference and according to that, the rate will be fixed. The rates start from 500 rupees and increase proportionately according to the client’s requirements. Shemales make an average of 2000 rupees per client. The transaction takes place in the client’s car or on a deserted corner of a road or park, after which the client drops her at the place she was hired. These women can make upwards of 4000 rupees per night but half of this money goes to their agents and in bribing the police.


Due to the illegal nature of sex workers and political negligence towards transgender, such places are not very safe and unreported incidences of crime, physical and sexual assaults takes place. On the other side, reporting to police is never an option as they also crack down on such shemales brutally. Shemales in Delhi are rapidly emerging as an alternative of regular sex workers in the national capital. They have started accounting for a major portion of regular sex workers in Delhi and NCR.


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