Visa Information about Turkey

Turkey or the Republic of Turkey is a transcontinental country in the Eurasia. It mainly situated on the Anatolian peninsula in West Asia and small part lies on the Balkan peninsula in South-east of Europe.

Many historical sites, seaside resorts, the culture, spas, and health care tourism of Turkey attract millions of tourists every year.


The official language of the country is Turkish.

The official currency is Turkish lira ₺ (TRY). 1 TRY is valued at 21.18 INR currently.

Embassy and consulate of Turkey are present in New Delhi and Mumbai respectively.

However, for tourism purposes, turkey gives an electronic visa that can be applied online through the website

Turkey proves a visa valid for 180 days from which one can stay a maximum of 30 days in the country. This is a single entry visa with a Visa fee of 43 USD.


The application can be filled online followed by a payment that can be made using Master card, Visa or Union Pay credit or debit card in USD or equivalent foreign currency. The payment has to be done within 24 hours of application submission.

An e-visa is provided based on following conditions:

  • Applicant’s passport is valid for the period of stay in Turkey.
  • Return ticket copy
  • Copy of hotel reservation
  • Proof of sufficient funds, at least a minimum of 50 $ per day of my stay.
  • The purpose of travel is tourism or business.

After the payment is received the e-Visa will be emailed in a link. The Passport control officers at the airports can check the e-Visa in their system. But is always better to keep the e- visa as a softcopy on the mobile or tablet or laptop or a print to be sure even if there is any system failure.

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