Visa Information for the Republic of Niger

Niger is officially known as the Republic of Niger. It is landlocked on all sides and lies in the Western Africa. The country is largest in terms of area in the Western Africa. About 80% of its land is covered with the Sahara Desert. The country’s name comes from the Niger River that passes through this nation.

 Niger was under the French Rule from 1900 and got independence in 1958.


The official language of Niger is French.

The currency of the country is West African CFA franc (XOF). 1 XOF is equal to 0.11 INR presently.

Requirements for Visa to the Republic of Niger:

  • A Valid passport of the applicant.
  • Visa application forms, 3 in number, filled and signed.
  • 3 recent passport-size photographs. Three current, identical, 2 x 2 colored passport size photographs front view with a plain and light background.
  • International Vaccination Certificates required:
    Yellow Fever vaccination certificate
    Cholera is a must if traveling from a country with the outbreak.
  • Departure Proof: Return air tickets or itinerary printed from the airline In case if going through a travel agent, 2 copies of a letter from agent certifying round trip flight ticket are already purchased.
  • 2 copies of a letter from a bank certifying the applicant have USD 500.00 at least in a savings This is especially applicable for tourists going by road.

The embassy of Niger in New Delhi, takes a processing time is for the visa is two weeks. If an early processing is required the Embassy can do so at an extra charge on requesting.

Charges and Validity of Tourist Visa to Niger:


The charges for a single entry visa are Rs.5000/-.The visa is valid for one month.

The multiple entry visas are charged Rs.7500/-.The validity of this visa is three months.


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