Very Popular Buffet Restaurant in Thailand

But before I disclose the name of this restaurant, what would come up to your mind when you hear the word “buffet restaurant”? Fancy food? Exquisite environment?

Here is the thing when eating in a restaurant, it cost a lot. In some cases, it literally empties your pocket.


But what if I tell you there is a buffet restaurant in Thailand where the price is cheap? Sounds awesome, right?

This specific buffet specifically in Hatyai City, Thailand is an eat-all-you can for only 200 baht.

Since this buffet restaurant is an eat-all-you can restaurant, let me tell you more about the reasons why you should visit and what you should expect from this place:

  • First of all, a buffet restaurant must have a delicious menu and an attractive one at that. This buffet restaurant in Thailand definitely offers you with a wide variety of foods. From chickens to seafood, there are many types of dishes you can try for yourself!
  • Second, the environment must be clean. Well, this buffet restaurant in Thailand is clean as a whistle, even though it is filled with customers every day.
  • Third, the scenery. When talking about scenery, most would presume that the outdoor scenery is all that matters. This shouldn’t be the case! This buffet restaurant in Thailand has an in-depth idea that the outside and indoors should be sophisticated, creating a smooth and explicit ambiance. And to top it all, you’ll be seeing happy faces which give off an amazing atmosphere.

And the best part of all with this buffet restaurant is that you cook your own food. When you have selected your dish, a hot pan will be placed on your table for you to cook the food with. So you can decide to have it medium, medium rare or well done.

Remember, this is an eat-all-you-can buffet restaurant, so don’t be shy to get another serving or two.


And not to forget in the buffet restaurant, of course, the appetizers and the desserts. You’ll also be choosing from a wide selection of fruits as well. So nothing short of daily nutrition when you come here to this one of a kind eat-all-you-can buffet restaurant in Thailand.

This restaurant normally opens at 4:30 PM and closes at 11:00 PM. As you can see the time, that would be the time the streets would be flooded by people off from work. So if you’re on a tight budget or just to taste the food served here, better make sure to come here early as there would be no seats left and the seats are limited. But not to worry, you’ll definitely get your fill here.

You’ll definitely know directly where this place is since it is located in the cosmopolitan near the bridge and by the riverbank. By the way, at night, the river will become a great view with the city lights appearing as if fireflies.

Now to name this one of a kind eat-all-you-can buffet restaurant in Thailand, the name would be Rimnam Buffet Restaurant.

So whenever you are here in Thailand, be sure to this one of a kind buffet restaurant that is going to be worth your while and your pocket.


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