Travellers Guide to Thailand

Travellers Guide to Thailand is an effort to provide important information to the visitors about Thailand. Thai is the official language and Thai Baht, the official currency. The vast majority in the country follows Buddhism. The weather is usually humid and warm.

The country is best to visit in between November and February. The country has many places to see. The Thai islands are very beautiful with the beaches and reefs. Phuket, Ko Phi Phi, Ko Tao, Ko Samet, Ko Chang and many more beautiful islands are the number one tourist spot in Thailand. Phuket is the largest island. Do you want to know more basic information about the Thailand then have a look at introduction about Thailand?


Bangkok city has many palaces, Wats, parks and shopping malls to see and also has a very famous nightlife. The grand palace and Emerald Buddha are the top attractions. The water markets in Bangkok are also very nice to see. Travellers Guide to Thailand wants to tell that the city also offers some nice shows and experiences like traditional dance, Thai cooking, meditation, Thai massage, etc.

Chiang Mai is another city to see with many Buddhist temples, unique kind of luxurious hotels and beautiful landscapes.

Dhara Dhevi 5 Star Resort, Chiang Mai

Kanchana Buri has many natural reserves in and around to see the flora and fauna of Thailand. The bridge, the death railways, and many museums are there to see.

Ayuthaya is the place for history lovers with temples as old as the 1350s. It is near Bangkok and has ruins of more than 400 temples and 3 palaces.


Duty-free shops are there at all main airports of Thailand. The king power complex also has duty free shopping. VAT of 7% is returned to travellers on showing the product and bill at the airport.

Thailand has many cities that offer nightlife with their pubs, discos, go-go bars and more. The cities like Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya are totally changed in the night with neon signs everywhere and people partying hard. The sex tourism is also very famous although it is not supported by the government.

The Thai food is usually rice with Thai curries and stir fried sides.  The Thai curries are usually spicy and have a very complicated combination of spices. Tourist hotels can reduce the chilli when requested although the local hotels don’t do it. People like spicy food there. Mekhong and Sam song are the Thai Whiskey and Rum. Traveller’s Guide to Thailand recommends you to try Singha which is a popular local beer. You should be above 20 to buy alcohol in Thailand. Need economical Thailand travel package?

Dry Meat Curry of Thai

While travelling in Thailand wear clothes that cover legs and shoulders while visiting palaces and Wats as the Thai are very particular about dressing modestly at these places. Try getting information about places in advance and don’t fall prey for tuk-tuk scams as they tell you that a temple or palace is closed and take you for a ride. Always fix the price before sitting in a tuk-tuk or taxi. Carry clothes that are light and dry easily. Carry some basic medications and also your sunblock and insect repellent. Try the noodles and curries at the stall in street markets. They are cheap and tasty. Keep your wallet and things safe. Always carry a copy of your passport with you.

Hope this Travellers Guide to Thailand helps you in your trip.

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