Travel guide for Thailand to India

We have prepared this travel guide for Thailand to India for helping you in your journey to India.

India is a large country protected by the Himalayas from the cold northern winds. Winters are warm in the southern half of India and winters are mildly cold to cold as we go up towards the northern states. The summers can be extremely hot and uncomfortable so the travel guide for Thailand to India suggests you to avoid the time from April-September so India is best to travel in between October and March


The Indian currency is Indian rupee (INR). 1 Thai Baht (THB) is equal to 1.93 INR.

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The Thai citizens can take a tourist visa by applying at the Indian Embassy that is in the Bangkok city. One has to submit the visa form along with 2 recent passport size pictures, a passport validity should be not less than six months and Thai Id with a fee of 1700THB. The monks of Thai origin, however, get this visa free of cost if they want to do a pilgrimage tour to India.

A seat on a nonstop flight from Bangkok to Delhi starts from THB 8726. One stop flight from Bangkok to Delhi ticket price starts from THB 4535. The nonstop flight from Bangkok to Mumbai would cost THB 8168 and Bangalore will cost THB 4620. Book the return ticket along with to get the best price. Many websites are there that compare and give you the best fares and it is a good option to book flights. You can book tickets through the airline websites or travel agents are also available that can book tickets as per your needs. Do you want to know, how to book cheaper flights? Follow the link to know.

One night at a three-star hotel room in Delhi and nearby areas starts from THB 1500. The rates for one night in a three-star hotel in Mumbai starts from THB 1300.In Bangalore, a three-star hotel rate for one day starts from THB 1200. The hotels can be booked in advance with the help of one of the many websites that compare the rates of various hotels along with the facilities they provide. You can book hotels through  or  as these website provides you the cheapest rates than any other websites.


India has beautiful places to see in every nook and corner of it. The travel guide for Thailand to India would like to list a few beautiful places from each state. Leh, Ladakh, Kashmir are the mesmerising places in the extreme north of India. Himachal Pradesh has much Swiss like locations to see. Punjab’s Golden temple is one of the world famous pilgrims. Rajasthan is famous for its royalty with many forts and palaces to see. Uttarakhand has popular hill stations like Dehradun, Nainital, Mussorie and also the famous Jim Corbett National Park. Delhi has huge monumental heritage from the time of Mughals. Agra and Fatehpur Sikri along with Delhi make the famous golden triangle which is very popular amongst tourists. The Taj Mahal in Agra is famous for its love story and is in the Seven Wonders of the World. Northeast India has eight beautiful states full of lush greenery along with hills and waterfalls. Gujarat has amazing wildlife parks along with the cultural heritage.

Madhya Pradesh has the famous Khajuraho temples. Maharashtra has Shirdi, Mumbai, many hill stations and wildlife parks to offer. West Bengal’s capital Kolkata presents the colonial architecture. Jagannath temple of Puri and Konark Sun Temple are very notable places in Orissa. Telangana presents Hyderabad with its beautiful Charminar. Hyderabad, vishakhapatanm, and Vijayawada are some popular places. The Tirupati temple is visited by crores of pilgrims every year. Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore are some places full of sites for tourists. Hampi is a world heritage site. There are many wildlife sanctuaries and bird parks to visit. The state has many hill stations like Ooty and Kodaikanal. The Meenakshi temple, Rameshwaram, and many more temples bring lakhs and lakhs of pilgrims here every year. Kerela is the on the southern tip of India and has very beautiful beaches and backwaters. Visit the Top 15 Tourist Places of India.

Indian states have different cuisines with very different tastes. The travel guide for Thailand to India would recommend you to try the local cuisines of the visiting states as each state has a very different way of cooking. Otherwise, fast food is available in all cities of India.

India also has a large range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to offer. From aam panna to masala chai, from Feni to Toddy, India offers a huge variety of delicious beverages to try.

India is a highly populated country with a lot of crowd on roads and cities. It is good to have a little patience while waiting at restaurants and eateries. Even the public transport can be full most of the time.  Although physical violence is rare in the country, it is better to stay safe by not going out alone with valuables in the night. Women travellers should avoid being friendly with local men as it not taken in the correct sense usually. Foreign women travellers may get too many glances and it is best to avoid looking back.

The tap water is not safe and please go for bottled water of a good brand to drink. Avoid eating salads and fruits and juices as they could be contaminated with dirty water. It is best to carry both insect repellents and sunscreen because the sun is hot in the days and mosquitoes are commonly seen.

Do not take drugs even if they are available as it is illegal and the penalty can be as much as 10 years in jail. Always ask before smoking and it is not allowed in the public places.

Keep your cash and wallet safe as pickpocketing happens frequently. Always check your rooms and locks thoroughly after checking in.

Carry a backpack with light luggage as you have to keep travelling to visit the vast country. Take casuals preferably covering legs and shoulders for women otherwise they can get some extra glances. India is a warm country and unless you are going for vacation to the northern states in the winter season not many warm clothes are required.

Hope this travel guide for Thailand to India has been able to answer all your doubts.

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