Travel Guide for India to Thailand

This travel guide for India to Thailand is made just for you if you have any plans to visit Thailand.

Thailand weather is very pleasant and dry from November to February and so it is the recommended time to visit. The monsoon season lasts from July to October and it can very hot and humid to travel.


The official Thailand currency is the Thai Baht. 1 Thai Baht is equal to 1.93 INR presently.

Thailand gives visa on arrival to citizens from nineteen countries including India. The Indian citizens entering the country through an airport or land border will be given a 30 days visa on arrival to stay in Thailand. This visa is given on a charge of 2000 Thai Baht, when one has an Indian passport that has validity of minimum 6 months along with air travel tickets showing the date of leaving Thailand within 30 days, hotel booking confirmation and can prove to have a provision of 10,000 THB per person for the trip.

The travel guide for India to Thailand suggests that there many options available in the flights starting from India to Thailand. Depending on the departure city from India there will be direct or one or two stop flights. A non-stop flight from Delhi to Bangkok starts around 14000 INR and the one with a single stop starts at about 8900 INR. Mumbai to Bangkok direct flight prices start around 15000 INR The flight booking can be done using websites like, or directly through the airline websites or with an agent’s help. Booking a return flight together is always the better option as the rates are cheaper and for getting a visa it is a must.

The minimum rate of a three-star hotel for one night starts at 381 INR per night in Bangkok. The budget hostels can start for as low as 250 INR per night at Bangkok. In the Chiang Mai city, the prices of a double bedroom in a three-star hotel start from 276 INR and go up depending on the location and services provided by the hotel. Many websites like,, etc. help in booking these hotels in advance.

Thailand Islands are very beautiful and have captivating beaches. They are the number one spot for the tourists to visit. There are many islands in Thailand. Phuket is the biggest and most developed island connected to the mainland by bridges. Ko Phi Phi is beautiful and a known location in movies. The Wat Phra Yai temple that has a 12m-tall golden Big statue of Buddha on a tiny island near Ko Samui is beautiful.


Bangkok has the famous Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew temple where the Emerald Buddha is kept. Housing hundreds of Buddhist temples are the Chiang Mai city in the north of Thailand and lie in a valley surrounded by hills. Wat Phra Singh and Wat Chedi are the famous temples here.
Kanchanaburi is the spot for animal lovers. Nearby are Srinakarind and Erawan National Parks that boast of jungles, caves, waterfalls and animals. For the history lovers, the city of Ayuthaya has ruins dated back the 1350s.

The Travel guide for India to Thailand recommends enjoying the Thai cuisine. Thai cuisine is one of the most famous cuisines all over the world is known to be spicy along with a beautiful aroma. While serving Thai like that all their dishes to be served at once.

In the hot tropical weather the cool Thai drinks like Cha Yen-iced tea, Oliang-iced coffee, and  Nom Yen-iced milk with syrup are true soothers. Thai beer and whisky are also quite famous.

In this travel guide from India to Thailand, we would like to recommend a few measures to keep you safe during the Thailand visit. While you check in please make the sure that the lock is fine and peep glass is working. Keep all your cash and valuables along with the passport in the room safe or hotel safe.

Many Thai beaches don’t have lifeguards so do not swim near the deserted beaches. There are chances of theft in the night so do not walk alone in dark areas. In the brighter, busier areas in the night, one might have to face drunks, prostitutes, thieves, muggers, etc. Never indulge in taking drugs at parties.

The tropical sun is very harsh and starts burning the skin after 15 minutes so make sure your hats, waterproof sunscreen and sunglasses are always with you during the day. Sunscreen should be at least have SPF 30 and it is important to reapply sunscreen every few hours otherwise the skin may get damaged. Carry an insect repellent also and you will thank us.

To enjoy the tropical weather keep yourself hydrated with water available easily at 7/11 stores or the local cool drinks.

For the dressing part, the travel guide for India to Thailand advises you to wear dresses covering shoulders and legs while visiting the palaces and Wats. Thai are very particular dressing and at the Wats, they also provide clothes to tie around the waist to cover legs.

Normal measures like keeping cash and wallet safely, avoid wearing jewellery apply here also. As it is compulsory to carry passport all the time do have a copy at least and never surrender passport while hiring any vehicle. Do not take any drugs at parties as it is illegal in Thailand to have drugs and you can risk your safety also.In case the tourists are in any situation of help special Thai Tourist Police is approachable on the number 1155.Also when you enter Thailand go and register yourself at the Indian embassy as they provide assistance in case any negative situation arises.

We suggest you carry a backpack as your luggage as often you will have to travel and walk on uneven streets.

The Thai Massage is very famous as it relaxes the body while improving the blood circulation and increases the flexibility and energy of the body.

Thailand is full of nightclubs, pubs, bars, go-go bars, cinemas and restaurants, massage parlours, pool halls and cocktail lounges which are a prime highlight of the country’s famous nightlife.

Hope, this travel guide for India to Thailand assisted you well, if have any questions please leave comments. Thanks

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