Travel guide for USA to Thailand

If you are looking to travel from USA to Thailand for your next vacation then our travel guide for USA to Thailand is made just for you.

Thailand is best to visit during November to February when the weather is pleasant and dry in the country. July to October is the monsoon and is hot and humid.


1 USD which is equivalent to 35.45 Baht currently.

1000 Baht Note


Thailand gives visa exemption to citizens of 52 countries under a bilateral agreement and the USA is one of these countries. The US citizens entering the country through an airport or land border get 30 days to live in Thailand. This is given when one has a proper valid passport of US along with air tickets showing the date of leaving Thailand within 30 days and can show that they have a provision of 10,000 THB per person for the trip.

The travel guide for USA to Thailand wants to inform that there are no direct flights from USA to Thailand. However, many with one or two stops flights are available in between. One way flight with a single stop starts from about $475 and the one with double or more stops start at $395. Flights can be booked online through websites like, or through the airline websites directly or with help of an agent. If you have a fixed vacation plan booking return flight together is always better as the rates are cheaper.

If you look for a low budget holiday then there are hostels and guest houses available in Bangkok with rates as low as $4 per person per night depending on the hotel’s distance from the centre of the city. The family hotels with three-star ratings start with $12 per night. A three star hotel price for a double bed room for one night starts from $11. In the Chiang Mai city the prices of a double bed room in a three star hotel starts from $7. Many websites help in booking these hotels in advance.


Islands of Thailand are the primary attraction with the beautiful scenic beaches. Ko Samet and Ko Chang islands are lying towards east of Bangkok. The Gulf of Thailand has Ko Pha, Ko Tao, Phuket and Ko Phi Phi  beaches and they are generated from the Andaman sea.

Phuket is the biggest island and very famous. Ko Phi Phi is famous because of many movie shootings.The famous Wat Phra Yai temples with 12m-tall golden Big is located on a tiny island near Ko Samui. Ko Tao is where the divers love to go. But there are many, many more beautiful islands to choose from. There are many smaller islands also which are not so famous but give a peaceful atmosphere along with beautiful scenes.

Ko Phi Phi Island


Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand. It has many famous palaces and Wats. The Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew temple with the Emerald Buddha are the most famous ones. The city is also famous for its nightlife.

Chiang Mai is in the northern side of Thailand and surrounded by mountains. The city boasts of many hundreds of Buddhist temples with Wat Phra singh and Wat Chedi being the most famous ones.
Kanchanaburi has several national parks nearby which are like Srinakarind and Erawan National Parks that have wildlife combined with natural scenes, caves and waterfalls.

Although Thailand is a safe country to travel but it is always good to take certain precautions. Checking the room lock and keeping all valuables in the room safe in the hotel is the best bet. Don’t go alone on deserted beaches as most of the Thailand beaches don’t have lifeguards.Walks alone in late night in dimly lit or isolated areas are not good.  One might face drunks, prostitutes, thieves, muggers etc in the busier areas in night.

Always carry your hats, sunscreen and sunglasses as the sunrays can be very harsh in the tropical weather. Keep reapplying the sunscreen to keep your skin safe from sunburns. As the weather is hot and humid its better to keep oneself hydrated and one can get cheap bottles of water at the 7/11 stores. Also, always carry an insect repellent spray with you.

The travel guide for USA to Thailand advises that while visiting the palaces and Wats shoulders and legs should be covered as the Thai are very particular about modesty in clothes.

Keep your cash and wallet safely. Also it is important that one carries a copy of the passport as it may be checked anywhere. Avoid wearing jewellery as many snatching cases happen. Never take any drugs at parties as it is illegal in Thailand to have drugs.

 The Thai Tourist Police is available on the number 1155 and in case of any help you can ask them. Also, get yourself registered at the embassy when you enter the country as they can help in any adverse situation. Never surrender your passport for hiring a vehicle.

Thailand Police


A backpack is the most practical luggage on a trip to Thailand as getting in and out of the buses, boats, trains, and the uneven surfaces to walk will be difficult with a wheeled suitcase.

Thai cuisine especially the curries are famous all over the world. Thais like all their dishes to be served at once.

Travel guide for USA to Thailand wants to tell about the famous Thai drinks. They are Cha Yen that or iced tea, Oliang or iced coffee, Nom Yen or iced milk with syrup. Also Thai beer and whisky are quite famous but minimum age to drink alcohol is 20 in the country.

The genuine “Thai massage” is an ancient healing therapy that combines acupressure with Indian Ayurveda and yoga postures and is very amazing an experience to have. Thai night life is very happening with loads of nightclubs, pubs, bars, go-go bars, cinemas and restaurants, massage parlours, pool halls and cocktail lounges in all big cities and islands.

So I hope, this travel guide for USA to Thailand helped you for your travel.

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