Travel Guide for Thailand to USA

This Travel Guide for Thailand to USA has been written to help your planning of your vacation in the USA.

The Thai citizens have to apply for B1 visa to travel to the USA. The electronic form has to be filled and has to be submitted with passport and a picture. Besides it needs to be proved that you are leaving the USA on a scheduled date and have enough to cover your trip expenses. You also have to prove that you will return back from the USA by showing how you are economically bound to your residence country. A fee of $160 is charged for the visa.


The USA is a huge country with a lot of diversity in geography and climate. If you plan to go the east coast of US then September-October is the perfect time with pleasant temperature. The Southern part of US is good in the winter as it is pleasant while the summers are extremely hot. West Coast is good in April-October and the winters are very cold. However, if you are interested in skiing and snow sports, then winter is the best time to go to the west coast and northern part of America.

US Dollar is the currency of USA. 1 Thai Baht (THB) is equal to 0.028 USD by the current exchange rate.

The travel guide for Thailand to USA wants to inform that there are no direct flights between the two countries, however, one or two stop flights are available in plenty. Fares for one-way economic seat begin with THB 19700. One way flight from Bangkok to Seattle fares start from THB 17500. The tickets are cheapest when to and fro are bought together. Many web portals and the airline’s website can help in buying tickets easily. Many agents also help in getting flight tickets and hotel bookings.

One night stay in New York in a three-star hotel starts from THB 4240. The Seattle hotel prices for a three star one for one night starts from THB 3638. Many websites can also help in getting the booking in the hotels. The places providing Bed with Breakfast are high priced and less common in the USA. There are also some chains of budget restaurants all over the country like Econolodge, Motel Six, Red roof Inns, Comfort Inns, Days inn, and Best Western that provide clean and cheap accommodation.

The travel guide for Thailand to USA has brought out top destinations of the USA just to make your travel plan easier for the huge country. Grand Canyon is very popular and an amusement of nature with multicoloured rock layers that look amazing in the sunlight. The Canyon can be seen from inside by hiking. Maui is an island in Aloha and has many beautiful Hawaiian beaches to offer. Surfing and water sports are done the entire year here. Yellow stone is nature’s paradise with hills and lakes. The natural beauty of the place has not been touched with long patches of grass and volatile geysers. California’s Yosemite is another top place for seeing nature’s beauty.


The cities of US have their own attraction. New York City has the landmarks like Statue of Liberty, Empire State building, Museums, Broadway theatres, Times Square, etc that are very famous and the city has a very happening nightlife. Orlando is the place for family adventures with Sea World, Universal Studios and Disney Parks. Florida has many beaches. Las Vegas is famous for its casinos and glitzy adult entertainment. Los Angeles showcases Beverly Hills, Hollywood Bowl and the famous Walk-of-Fame.

It is best to check with the airlines the dimensions and weight of the check in luggage allowed before you go for packing. Usually, the airlines allow dimensions of 62 inches (length+ breadth+ height).It is, however, good to have a handy backpack that you can take to carry few essentials for any short trips within the USA.

Unless you are going in winters not many warm clothes are needed. Carry a few formal clothes as some hotels and restaurants will have formal dress codes. Carry comfortable casuals for travelling along the beaches and rest of the country.

This travel guide for Thailand to USA only suggesting basic safety of your travel and don’t depend only on this, so please make yourself safety better that what you required for your travel if it’s in need.

The USA is generally a safe place to travel. But each city has its own bad area so avoid it by getting an idea by talking to the locals. In the US the travelling is usually done in cars. Renting a cell phone is a good idea because you can call Police or any emergency service at 911.

There are instances where the cars are hijacked or are bumped and then attacked. So be careful and stop your car only in well-lit public areas. Always lock your car doors and keep your valuables locked inside the trunk and don’t wait for strangers. Always book your hotels in advance because in the holiday season the places may be full.

Keep your cash and wallet safely. Avoid travelling alone into unknown places. Single women travellers should be careful while entering the bar or restaurant alone. Also, avoid places full of just men’s crowd and leave in case you feel even a little uncomfortable in any situation.

The USA is melt pot of many cultures and the cuisine is also has influences from many cuisines. Traditional American delicacies are apple pie, baked corn, fried chicken, baked potato, meatloaf, and baked beans. Fast food restaurants are available everywhere serving pizzas, hamburgers, hotdogs, burgers, etc. Food from other cuisines is also easily available and Italian cuisine is very popular with pizza chains and proper Italian gourmet food restaurants. If looking for healthy food, look out for salad bars that are easily available.

Good wines are difficult to find in mid class restaurants although California produces some of the best wines of the world. The Californian grapes are used to produce Red Zinfandel wines that are medium to full-bodied with complex flavours from berries.  Common wines are sold for $5-$10 per litre. The minimum drinking age is 21 in the US and the night clubs and bars don’t allow one below 21 inside.

Hope, this travel guide for Thailand to USA provided you with the sufficient information for your trip.

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