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Leh-Ladakh is commonly referred to as ‘adventurers’ paradise’. This place is also well known for attracting bikers. Tourists are unlimitedly waiting to go through Manali to Leh and Srinagar to Leh road Highways to open. However, not everyone comes to visit this place on the bike and therefore there are many bike rentals available for common tourists on one day or two days basis where the rates are decided every year by Ladakh Association of  Rental Motorcycle.  The bikes range from Royal Enfield Himalayan 500cc to Hero Impulse and scooters are also available for rent for customers looking for a low fare. The expedition solely depends on the bike you chose a valid driving is a must for renting a bike. You have to submit the photocopy of your driving license and address proof. Rates for 2018-19 seasons are as follows as instructed by Ladakh Motorbike Rental Association.

  • Royal Enfield Himalaya(411cc) – INR 2000(full day) , INR 1,200(half day)
  • Royal Enfield Classic(500cc) – INR 1,800(full day), INR 1.100(half day)
  • Royal Enfield Standard(500cc) – INR 1,600(full day), INR 1000(half day)
  • RE Classic/Thunderbird(350cc)- INR 1,400(full day), INR 800(half day)
  • Royal Enfield Electra(350cc)- INR 1,200(full day), INR 700(half day)
  • Royal Enfield Standard(350cc)- INR 1,100(full day),INR 600(half day)
  • Bajaj Avenger(220cc)- INR 1000(full day), INR 600(half day)
  • Bajaj Vikrant/ Hero Impulse(150cc)- INR 900(Full day), INR 500(half day)
  • Automatic Bike/Scooter –INR 800(full day), INR 500(half day)

Bike riding accessories on Rent in Leh Ladakh

  • Two ment tent – INR 500
  • Sleeping Bag- INR 200
  • Sleeping Mattress- INR 150
  • Riding Jacket- INR 300
  • Knee/Elbow guard- INR 200
  • Riding Gloves- INR 100
  • Saddle bags- INR 100
  • GoPro with mounts-INR 700

Terms and Conditions

  1. Not any agency is allowed to rent a motorbike to any customer who does not have a valid driving license.
  2. Only motorcycles which are registered commercially with A.R.T.O Leh Ladakh which comes with yellow number plates are allowed for sightseeing apart from private vehicles.
  3. The rates are kept as low as possible by Ladakh Rental Association and if any motorbike rental agency found renting bikes below the mentioned price will be strictly penalized with the fine of INR 5000/-
  4. No guarantee of insurance or any other claims in case the bike found to below the association rate list.
  5. Half day Rental is till after only 2:00 pm. If you are late even for one hour you have to pay full day rent to the shop on return.
  6. One way rentals are available where you can drop off the motorcycle on specified locations.
  7. The Ladakh Motor Bike Rental association has set up check-posts at various locations and during the season the places are very active and therefore provide your details in order to have an enjoyable trip.

Other rental agencies which are not under L.M.B.R are not allowed for sightseeing in Leh Ladakh. Top five bike rentals in Leh Ladakh are discussed in this article.

  1. Skypillar Adventure Tours

Skypillar is the top bike rental in Ladakh. It began in 2011 and were the first to initiate the idea of motorcycle rental and guided motorcycle tour business. This is one of the best motorcycle rental company provide huge variety of well maintained Royal Enfield’s and Bajaj Motorcycles. There are over 50 motorcycles and allows one way rentals.

Address: Ladakh Sky Pillar Adventure Tours, Dibi Tou NAC Complex, Zangsti Leh Ladakh,                       Jammu and Kashmir, PIN-194101



Phone: 01982-252553

            +91 9622002275

  1. Ladakh Bike Rental

It is a bike rental company at over 11500 feet in the Himalayas. They organize motorcycle tours in Himalayan region. Bike rent for self-driven bikes are also provided for sightseeing. They are rated 4/5 among bike rentals around Ladakh. The biking season starts from May to mid of October. LBR provides tour guide, mechanic and supporting vehicle throughout the journey. They provide well-maintained bikes. It is famous for excellent customer service.

Address: Rental Studio, Upper Housing Colony, Near Doordarshan and SBI RSETI, Leh                        Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir. PIN: 194101

Open : 24 hours.

Phone : 09419980089

  1. Leh Travel Hub

Leh Travel Hub is one among the best bike rentals preferred by tourists. The reviews are all positive and there are many people suggesting on choosing them on their next visits also. They provide brand new bikes with excellent condition and other related supports when needed.

Address: Old Road, Leh Ladakh, Jmmu and Kashmir, PIN: 194101

Open: 7am to 10 pm

Phone: 09622992112

  1. Ladakh Wander

Ladakh Wande- Tailor Made Tour Experience is one of the finest rental service with dedicated to provide travel services and hospitality. They have years of experience in creative and customized packages. Reviews on the company are 100 percent positive and the service is mentioned excellent. The repair and maintenance are done properly and the team is nice to customers.

Address: Fort Road, near Kazdar Hotel, Leh, Jammu and Kashmir.Pin : 194101

Phone: 09906999910

  1. Apex Adventure

These are one of the best tourism agencies in Leh. The agency, apart from bike rentals, also provides packages and other guided as well as customized trips. The agency is well known for the bikes as they always replace old bikes with new ones and thus there are no old worn out bikes. They have amazing packages and takes us through a memorable adventure ride all over the place.

Address: Zangsti Road, Leh, 194101

Phone: 09419218233

 You can rent bikes online too. Wheelstreet is an online bike renting site where we can check out different bikes online, add them to cart and also pay online. They have tie-ups with several bike rentals in Leh region and is well known for its online services. They are all over the country and provide trustworthy service. The locations from where the pickup can be done are mentioned in the website. The rates are cheaper than other rental services and they specify rates per hour unlike other rental services available which charge per day basis. For more details check out their website.

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