Top 5 Ladyboy Bars in Bangkok

Bangkok is famous for the ladyboy phenomenon. Some tourists even make meeting a ladyboy a part of the itinerary. Though there are a lot of escort agencies that can arrange you a ladyboy but going to a ladyboy bar is a different experience. You get to see them, flirt with them and choose the one you like the best.  There are a lot of ladyboy bars in Bangkok. Here are the top five ladyboy bars in Bangkok according to us.

  1. Obsession

Obsession is one of the best ladyboy bars in Bangkok. This bar is located on the ground floor of the Nana Plaza at the Sukhumvit Soi 4 entrance. The place has a big center with a revolving stage where there’s lots of space for about 50 ladyboys to dance. There are also many poles where the ladyboys dance and looks very feminine and attractive and wave to you from the center stage and ask you for buying a lady drink.  The ladyboys of this bar are not too pushy as in many of the other bars. The cost of beer starts from 150 baht and the lady drinks also cost 150 baht.

  1. King’s Castle III

This bar is located in Patpong, Silom and is a great place to be. The place though is small has an L-shaped stage and 10-15 pretty ladyboys dance there. They are very friendly and once you choose a ladyboy, you have to buy a lady drinks that cost around 100 baht to start with. The beer prices start from 120 baht. The place has a good selection of ladyboys who can speak English and are not pushy.

  1. Cockatoo

Cockatoo is another good ladyboy bar in Bangkok. This is a bright, neon-lit ladyboy bar in Soi Cowboy. This is a small place where you can sit close to the stage where around 30 ladyboys are performing seductively. The ladyboys are pretty and it is difficult to make out whether or not they are genetically girls. The ladyboys are very friendly and will easily make you buy drinks for them.  Both beer and lady drinks start from 145 baht here.

  1. Cascade

Cascade ladyboy bar is located on the third floor of Nana Plaza which is located at the Sukhumvit Soi 4 entrance. The bar has a cave style design with a stage in metal that has many levels where more than 50 ladyboys dance. This place has mostly postoperative ladyboys. The prices of beer and lady drinks are the same as Nana Plaza bars starting from 150 baht.

  1. King’s Corner

This ladyboy bar is located in Patpong area in Bangkok. The place has two stages with dancing to ladyboys, one with average looking ladyboys and the other one with very hot and pretty ones. The ladyboys here are post operated and are very difficult to differentiate. The beer starts here from 150 baht but lady drinks are a bit on the higher side starting from 200 baht.

The ladyboy bars in Bangkok charge a bar fine of 500-700 bahts once you select a ladyboy to go with.  The ladyboys are usually divided into average to pretty looking and hot ones. The average lookers charge around 1500 bahts for a short time. Slightly prettier ones charge 2000-2500 baht usually. The hot ones start from a minimum of 2500 baht and can go up to 3500 baht or even more for a short time. For a longer time like a whole night, they can charge up 5000 Baht and even more. It is better not to bargain with hot looking ladyboys as they can easily get another customer.


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