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Top 5 hotels in Dharwad

Hubli-Dharwad is a district in northern Karnataka. Hubli serves as major connection hub for Northern Karnataka as it has an airport and is a very important railway junction. Though it is not a metropolis still there is no dearth of good hotels in Hubli-Dharwad. On the contrary, we can get a very nice stay, at affordable prices. Here goes my list for the top 5 hotels in Hubli-Dharwad:

1.Hotel Dennison’s:  5 stars rated and 4.5 reviews.


The cost of room per night varies between 3637-6500 INR. The location is 110 Dollar Colony, Airport Road, Hubli. Almost all reviews are positive and praise this hotel. It has got an excellent staff with exclusive facilities. For the starting price you will get a premium room which will come with facilities such as private garden, coffee maker, internet, etc. When compared with its peers, the amenities provided here are quite outstanding. My advice is to go for this hotel, if your budget permits. Bar and swimming pool are also available.

2.Hotel Naveen: 5 stars rated and 4.2 reviews.

The cost per room is between 2,579-10,250 INR for one-night stay. Its location is lakeside, Unakal lake, Hubli. The reviews are mostly positive. The ambience is nice and well suited to the hotel’s design. Nice photos of the hotel are available online for you to see for yourself. It has got very huge price range, so facilities also differ. But the list of major facilities goes like this: Free Wi-Fi, pool, spa, pets, a.c, gym, restaurant, bar. Free and tasty breakfast is provided.

3.The President Hotel:3 stars rated 3.9 reviews.

Its price range is between 2,291-4592 INR per night. The location is opposite Unakal lake. The reviews for this hotel are average. But most people seem to be averagely satisfied. There is one condition that you should be above 21 years of age. The rooms are satisfactory and the service is above average. If this suits you from the point of view of location, you can definitely go for it. The free breakfast is available. Hotel ranks high on cleanliness.


Contact details:8362234888

4.Clark’s Inn Hubli: 3 stars rated 3.6 reviews.

The one-night stay comes for the price of 2,590-6600 INR.  The location is Airport Road, Gokul Road, 580030, Hubli.  The reviews are average. Some people are not so satisfied with the staff. Which doesn’t appear to be very soft-spoken. Otherwise all other facilities are satisfactory. Nobody has any complaints regarding with food. Don’t go if you have a baby, the baby food is not available. Not a bad choice overall.

5.Oyo 28132 Hotel Dhammanagi Comforts: 3 stars 8.2/10 reviews.

The location is Dhammanagi Plaza, Opposite Bus Stand Near P.B. Road, Cotton Market, Hubballi, Karnataka 580029, India, Hubli-Dharwad, 580029, Hubli, India. A lightweight option for your pocket. The one-night stay comes at only 932INR. The reviews are extremely good and everyone looks very satisfied. Though being inside the budget still comes with a 3-star tag. Unlike many other 3-star hotels you get a free breakfast here. The rooms are spacious with nice and pleasant ambiance. From my side highly recommended. But sometimes has some cleanliness issues. But most of the people seem satisfied.

So, this was the list of top five hotels in Dharwad district. It is not at all like that only these hotels are available. A whole bunch of good quality budget hotels as well as guest houses are also present. But as the list went for the top five hotels, so these are the details. You can also find hotels for 600 INR per day easily. They will also comfortable.

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