Top 5 Go-Go Bars in Bangkok

Go Go bars are an integral part of Bangkok red light districts. Bangkok has many go-go bars. Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza, and Patpong are the most famous red light districts in the city.

We searched for bars that are safe and have friendly girls and staff. Here are the top 5 gogo bars in Bangkok according to us:

  1. Bada Bing

Bada Bing is probably one of the finest gogo bars in Bangkok. It is located in Patpong Soi 2. This place is totally fun and best for your enjoyment. The center stage has about 25 girls dancing seductively on the stage on the lower floor and a smaller stage for the VIP area upstairs. There are coyotes and go-go girls dancing there alternatively.  The lady drinks here start from 180 baht. The bar fine for go-go girls is 600 baht and the bar fine for coyote dancers is 1200 baht.  The girls here are pretty and hot and the place is entertaining.

  1. Baccara

Baccara is located in the Soi Cowboy district of Bangkok. This place is one amongst the most famous gogo bars in Bangkok. The place has two floors with pretty girls dancing all over on the glass floor at the top floor.  The beer and drinks usually cost 180 baht. The lady drinks cost 200 baht and the bar fine is 600 baht. The girls are quite friendly and know how to engage people.

  1. Tilac

Tilac is one of the other happening gogo bars in Bangkok located in the Soi Cowboy district. This bar is big with lots of neon lighting, lots of TV screen and mirrors. The place has a central stage where about 10 girls dance all the time. Six smaller platforms are around where girls perform too. The girls here are very hot and keep on moving. The lady drinks here cost 160 baht and the beer comes for 165 baht. The bar fine is 800 to 1000 baht.

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  1. Angelwitch

This go-go bar is located on the second floor of Nana Plaza, Sukhumvit Soi 4. This bar is especially famous for its sensual performances. The beautiful girls perform in a skit like dances, one for 15 minutes every hour where strip teasing happens and in them some girls will be wearing different attires to attract customers. The music here is classic rock. The beer starts from 150 Baht and lady drinks are also priced the same.  The bar fine is 700 baht.

  1. Billboard

Billboard gogo bar is located in the Nana Plaza in Sukhumvit Soi 4. The bar has a special foam bath Jacuzzi where two naked girls bath and there are tables next to sit and see them doing this. Besides this, there are many regular strip teasing dance shows. The shows are particularly very well choreographed and the girls dance very well. The waitresses and go-go girls here are very friendly and pretty. The beer cost is 180 baht and the ladies drinks cost 150 baht. The bar fine is 600 baht.

All the go-go bars in Bangkok give happy hours till 8 pm – 9 pm when beer are given for as less as 80 to 90 baht. After this, the girls start performing and so the rates go high. The best time to enter these bars is around 9 pm when all the girls enter for shows and you have a good number to choose from whom you like the best. The go-go girls charge 2500-3500 baht for a short time like 1-2 hours and 5000 baht or more for a longer time. The tip here is to try to negotiate but however, the very hot ones will find other customers if you try to bargain too much.

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