Air travel is known to be comfortable, safe and fast. Travelling on flights can save you a lot of time and effort and need not always be expensive.

Down are listed top five cheapest airlines to travel from Bengaluru to Delhi.



Indigo airlines are considered as one among the most affordable airline to fly with. They are in function since 2006. It is a private airline and has its headquarters in Haryana. The primary hub of this airline is located in Delhi international airport.

This airline offer economy class tickets at a price of INR 3000 on average. The fare might vary on both sides, up and down based on the requirements.


Spice jet is an airline that offers affordable domestic flights. The headquarters of spice jet is located in Gurgaon. It is in operation since May 2005. This airline operates over 300 airplanes in a single day. It is considered as India’s most favourite and sought after domestic airline.


They offer an economic ticket for a flight spanning between Bengaluru and Chennai at a cost of INR 3800 (average).


Air India is considered as the national airline of India and is owned by the national government. The headquarters of this airline is located in New Delhi. It started functioning in the year 1946 and was initially founded as Tata Airlines. They have a fleet comprising of 118 aircrafts serving over 60 different destinations around the globe. Air India is known for their affordable fares and flexible service.

An economy ticket to fly from Bengaluru to Delhi in Air India costs about INR 4500 on an average. The prices usually go lower during regular days and go up slightly during holidays.


Go Air is an Indian airline owned by Wadia group. The company is based in Mumbai and has various hubs throughout India in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkatta. It started functioning in 2005. They have over 230 flights in operation every day. Their fleet consists of 47 flights as of now and they are currently planning to increase it soon.

Go Air offers an economy ticket from Bengaluru to Delhi at a cost of around INR 4100 on an average. They are known to provide quality flight services despite the low cost.


Jet Airways is one of the most famous Indian airlines in an international forum. It began to function in 2003 and has its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The size of the fleet is 124 and the airline operates across over 65 destinations around the world.

The airline offers low price flights with great standard and comfort. Their flexible baggage options are very good compared to other airlines of the same category. The standard of the service provided online is very good for the price you pay. Jet Airways is a little pricey compared to other cheaper domestic airlines we saw before and an economy ticket from Bengaluru to Delhi will cost about INR 3500, on an average.

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