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Top 5 Beaches in Goa

In the southwest of India, is the area of Goa, which is famous for its beaches, its temples, its beautiful natural scenery and its nightlife. With a 100 km shoreline, Goa is the smallest province of India, a coastline that has made it a top hot spot in recent years on the world travel map. Its most famous beaches include Candolim Beach, Baga, Arambol and Paolem beach and, of course, the whitewashed Colva. Its fine sandy beaches and coconut trees have been a heaven for thousands of visitors over the last decade, many of whom have been so enchanted by the beauty and relaxed rhythms of life here that they never returned back! Go to Goa and get to know the area that has glimpsed and fascinated with the beauty of millions of visitors from all over the world!

      Goa is divided into the North, Central and South-Territories. Each section has its own unique landscape, color and infrastructure. Examine the most famous beaches in Goa. For the top 5 beaches in Goa, please read the further information.

  1. Calangute beach

Calangute, which is located in the north of Panjim, is one of the most popular and beloved beaches in Goa. It is known as “Queen”. If you like the intensity and the endless hours at sea, you are in the right place! One reason for the large number of tourists is the prices in that beach and the other is because here visitors can find plenty of hotels, services and entertainment.

  1. Anjuna beach

If you like parties, you must visit Anjuna beach. Anjuna was the favorite area of the hippies who camped for months on the beach. In this beach, visitors can feel for a little like children of flowers by participating in one of the outdoor parties that are still organized every day. Also every Wednesday, the most lively Goa’s outdoor market is set up in this area, where you can find things such as fake jewelery, home decorations, equipment for water sports and used bikes.

  1. Morjim beach

Traveling to North Goa, visitors can find one of the most famous beaches called Morjim. There, someone can find and watch many different species of birds, as birds make stops in that area on their long journey from the north to the south. In Morjim also visitors can find one of the smallest species of sea turtles in the world, named Olive Ridley.

  1. Baga beach

Baga is another popular beach in Goa. This beach is located near to the beach Anjuna. This beach has a very different character from all the other beaches in Goa. In Baga, there are many kinds of clubs, disco, bars, but they look more like European. The most important and beautiful characteristic of this place is the Baga River, which flows into the sea.

     5. Arambol beach


Finally, Arambol can be named one of the most beautiful beaches of North Goa. It is located at the bottom of the eastern rocks and covered with soft white sand. Here visitors can fully enjoy the local flavor since the Arambol beach is a seaside village.

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