Top 25 Tourism Colleges in World

Tourism and Hospitality has always been one of the leading and popular industry, amongst other service-based industries all over the world. People from different places visit other places throughout the year for personal and professional reasons, that promotes the cause of development in the tourism market. Individual Ministries and policies are formulated to take care of the industry related to tourism specifically, so that no stone is unturned when talking about one of the biggest market industry in the world, that contributes to the growth of the country’s economy.

  1. Ostelea School of Tourism and Hospitality: is one of the top tourism colleges in Spain. It offers the Masters degree in both the popular languages, English and French language. Students can choose the best suitable option for themselves, which is more comfortable for them. The tourism market is very broadly studied by the students, through various branches that the university offers for masters degree programs. It provides MA in Events Organization, Protocol and business tourism, MA in International Tourism Management, MA in sustainable tourism destinations and regional tourism planning, MBA in hospitality and tourism management. For more information, check
  2. Glion Institute Of Higher Education: Glion Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland, which offers degree courses in hospitality management and other streams also. The college offers classes in Switzerland and in London, along with the online program for the students who want to opt for the courses without going to the classroom training, which is accessible from anywhere in the world. So, it is beneficial for the people who are away from the college. The graduation program offered by the University prepares the students for the global market, which includes classroom training and internship program as well. To make any enquiry or confirmation, visit
  3. Chaplin School of hospitality and tourism management: which is governed by Florida International University. Being one of the top tourism colleges, it offers Bachelor of Science in travel and tourism management degree. Every year more than 3400 students are awarded degrees and professional diplomas, through this college, which is the very remarkable achievement for the university. As a matter of pride, It offers graduation programs, undergraduate programs and professional courses in the field of tourism and Hospitality at various level, suitable for the requirements of the students enrolled. You can also use for more details.
  4. WP Carey School of Business: Arizona State University has one of the top tourism colleges, WP Carey School of Business, that is offering bachelor’s degree in tourism development and management degree program. The faculties working in the university, concentrate on the individual basis in terms of the students enrolled in the program. Experienced and friendly faculties are the best guides for the students enrolled. Under the course contents, the college has included tourism planning, tourism marketing, tourism and Recreation policy community development as few courses. This body has been ranked # 10 by Forbes magazine, for 4 years continuously. Check out
  5. George Mason University: is one of the leading and top tourism colleges, that offers a wide variety of graduate programs. The degree courses are available in ecotourism, cultural tourism, hospitality sales, women and tourism, Resort management, meetings and conventions. The college prepares students with multifunctional skills in different fields, such as tourism programming, tourism marketing, tourism finance, tourism administration, tourism policy and planning. They prepare every student to make the career terrific and achieve the expertise in the specific field of their own choice. For more details, visit
  6. Garden City University: in Bangalore offers courses in tourism and Hospitality Management. Top tourism colleges include some of the latest and leading names in India too. It doesn’t teach the academic courses only, but also concentrate on the live scenarios and practical knowledge, that helps the students professionally for their future. They get to understand the existing demands and strategies for managing the market requirements. The university provides the courses, that deals with the basic and advanced levels of the tourism industry. To know more about the college, check
  7. Victoria University of Wellington: which is located in New Zealand. The college is very famous and popular due to its consistent performance, year after year. It is one of the most leading colleges in the industry of hospitality and tourism, that falls under the category of top universities across the globe. The students who graduated from the college gets polished in such a way, that they can give their best at any of the areas in hospitality and tourism industry. Successful completion of the course enhances the confidence level of students, boosting for the professional services. For any queries or information, please contact
  8. UEI Global: in Thiruvananthapuram offers MBA program in tourism and Hotel Management, which is very popular amongst the Indian colleges of hospitality and tourism management. Masters degree provides the scope of professional growth and hands-on training for the all over development in the tourism market. The college is one of the top tourism colleges, well known and the strategies they choose to teach the students are based on the virtual world, not only for focusing on the knowledge of academic. You can also view for further information.
  9. NIMS: in Jaipur is one of the leading and biggest college that offers graduation courses and degrees for tourism management. Like, different top tourism colleges, it offers bachelor’s degree in science from tourism administration course, that helps the students to choose the best of the streams that falls under the umbrella of hospitality and tourism industry. For last few years, it has gained the popularity and fame, which is commendable. In case of any questions or concerns, please check
  10. Drexel University: is one of the top tourism colleges which offers graduation program in Hospitality Management with travel and tourism. The program basically focuses on international tourism. International sphere offers a wide range of skills to the students for the exposure globally. The four major areas of their concentration are Customer services, Technology, innovative management and international operations, apart from other important streams which are required for the successful completion of the course. Students from all over the world send queries, regarding the career options available. For further assistance, check
  11. Indiana University: offers bachelor’s degree in recreation, tourism, hospitality and event management. The graduation level program provides the strong foundation of the tourism business, to all the students. The courses that are covered by the program includes transportation requirements for tourists, marketing tourism, management tourism, food and lodging, tourist facilities, destination tourism, hotels and resorts services etc. The knowledge of the subjects taught by the faculties, aims not only for academic purposes but to make it happen in real time business. Top tourism colleges include the concept of smart classes too. You can get the detailed information on
  12. George Washington University: offers the masters degree in tourism administration, which is also known as MTA. Being listed in the top tourism colleges, it also includes International Management, event and meeting management and tourism. They guide the trainee’s basis of the customer service experience, which helps to earn more attention and rapport among the targeted market. It prepares the students for managing the hurdles and challenges expected to occur in the professional environment. For more information about the college, you can visit
  13. Brigham Young University: in Hawaii, one of the top tourism colleges. This offers degree courses of Bachelors in science stream, for specialization in hospitality and tourism management. The college prepares its students to face the challenges and hurdles expected in the industry of tourism when taken professionally. Students graduated from the college gets the opportunity of entering into hotels industry, resorts, food and service operations, visitors Bureau, conventions, recreational business and Tourism Development agencies. You can check for detailed information about the courses offered.
  14. Johnson and Wales University: which offers the degree in Bachelor of Science in Travel Tourism and Hospitality Management. The degree provided gives an excellent option for the students to join Cruise ships, tourism offices, Airlines, resorts and other similar streams. Customers satisfaction is the key to make the student more determined. 4 Years program includes the courses like foods and beverages, dynamics of tourism, sales and marketing, International policies of tourism in detail. Check for more information on fee details and other information.
  15. Purdue University: is one of the leading and top tourism colleges, that offers degree course of Bachelors in Science stream in tourism and Hospitality Management. That completely focuses on the all-round learning, which includes lodging, food and other specialized streams. Food is something that forms a very important part of the tourism and Hospitality industry, which should be maintained by every means and that factor is taken into consideration while the courses are in progress. The students graduated from the university can adapt to any of the settings, such as casino services, theme parks, state tourism, Cruise lines, convention centres. In addition, to which the programs also focuses on various courses such as tourism programming, lodging, tourism management, HR management etc. To get the best advice, check
  16. NewYork University: is one of the leading and top tourism colleges, which provides degree program bachelors of science in hotel and tourism. To prepare the students for managing the professional skills and expertise of the roles, the faculties train on various lines such as managing tourism bureaus, catering business, special events, Ecotourism initiatives, lodging facilities, casino operations, sports tourism in addition to the specific focus on International tourism. The widest market of tourism is the destination of every student to achieve the maximum potential and capabilities. You can get the details about the courses offered, on
  17. Rochester Institute of Technology: being one of the most popular and top tourism colleges, offers Masters degree of Science in hospitality and tourism management. The degree acquired by the college, acts as a Milestone in the professional sector of tourism for the students, which includes branding, economic management, hospitality, business planning and development of quality processes. The courses help the students for enhancement of skills in excellence in the corporate sector, government departments, tourism sector and academic settings too. Worldwide knowledge of hospitality and tourism management enables the students to face the challenges of the real-life scenarios. To make the enquiries, visit
  18. Saint Leo University: is one of the growing and top tourism colleges, that offers the degree of Bachelor in international tourism and Hospitality Management with international studies, as the focus of the course offered. The program offering the opportunities for restaurant management, event management, hotel and resort management, tourism management and similar business practices to the students. Managing skills are not only limited to any particular course, however needs to be taken care of while getting into any of the programs. The students who specialize in the offered courses, receives the best knowledge available to prove their potential. For more details, check
  19. Texas A & M University: in the list of leading and most popular brands of tourism. Bachelors of science program with RPTS curriculum, which includes the course contents of recreation, park and tourism science. The full time 4 Years program includes 2 years of Foundation courses designed for Arts, Science basics and history of tourism. The last 2 years advanced course includes special skills for professional settings which are required for the tourism industry. The course is very helpful and provides a great advantage to all the students, preparing for the future aspects of tourism world. You can get the detailed information on
  20. Temple University: has one of the top tourism colleges, which is known as School of Tourism and Hospitality Management. The college is situated in Pennsylvania, that provides Bachelors degree of science in tourism and Hospitality Management. The program offers classes for hospitality, management systems, legal issues in tourism and Hospitality, financial issues in tourism and Hospitality, managing organizations in tourism and Hospitality, global issues in tourism and Hospitality, Management Business of tourism and Hospitality. It prepares the trainees of the program, for getting adjusted in the various areas of the industry with the adaptable skills and confidence. You can get the details of the courses and fee structure, along with other details on
  21. University of Central Florida: which offers Masters degree of Science in hospitality and tourism management. The course content includes research methods, strategic issues of Tourism and Hospitality, financial analysis of hospitality Enterprises, International tourism lodging, management food and services management. The more widespread courses are the best benefits for the students. As tourism is the customer service centric industry, it needs lots of concentration for the satisfaction of the people. For more information about the courses offered, visit
  22. University of Hawaii: is one of the leading and top tourism colleges, which offers bachelor’s degree of tourism and Management. The courses offered deals in subjects like tour operations, travel and transportation distribution systems, cultural aspects of tourism, cultural destination management, Airlines management, international air and Marine transportation. The basic focus of the courses are to create the all rounders, who can master the skills of hospitality and tourism industry. You can check, for further information.
  23. University of Massachusetts: which conducts one of the top hospitality programs in the world. The university offers bachelor’s degree in hospitality and tourism management, with center of focus on programs like tourism, convention and management as the basic specific areas. The students get to learn about, how to tackle the different environments with different skill set. The more they are pressurized with the situations and challenges, the best they are prepared to perform. For more details, check
  24. University of New Hampshire: is one of the top tourism colleges, that provides the degree of Bachelors in science stream, specializes in tourism Planning and development program. That gives students an option to select any one of the international tourism development or regional tourism planning courses, as per the choice of the student. The courses offered such as marketing, community planning, statistical methods of planning, Economics of travel and tourism, tourism and Global understanding. Graduated trainees get equipped with the multi-talented skills, which helps them to progress and sustain in the market for longer than usual. You can check more information on
  25. University of Southern Maine: The university provides bachelor’s degree in tourism and Hospitality. Undergraduates can select from the options, management in tourism and Hospitality, Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality, tourism products and promotions, nature-based tourism and ecotourism, tourism development and planning, cultural arts and heritage tourism is the wide range of courses that are offered by the university. Basic learning of the cultural world helps to earn more knowledge of the places, that in turn gives an excellent insight and expertise to guide the respective clients. For more information, check


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