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In the past two decades, there was a great increase in the pace of westernization in India that leads to a large number of nightclubs, party forums and pubs in India. Especially in the past decade, India has become one of the largest markets for western pop music and other music forms like Electronic Dance Music (EDMs).

A major portion of the youth in India, especially those who live in metropolitan cities show a lot of interest in nightlife and spending their weekends in pubs and clubs. These places are also known as forums for casual business meets and hangouts. Because of the increase in demand for such forums, there have been a lot of pubs built and founded in the past century.


Even though is it an adopted cultural identity, India has managed to build really good nightclubs with all modern amenities and facilities for the exclusive crowd of India to party away its nights.

Let us take a look at the top notch, rich pubs of India that match the international standards.


Night Club is peppy and stylish with awesome vibes everywhere on, a chic parlour club experience. The gritty tones of moderate furniture join impeccably with the lounging one near the pool. The pub consists of four different zones – an awesome dance club, a Tavern which is based on Goa’s very own aesthetic, a poolside parlour and lounge all combined into one to make a perfect destination to party and is definitely one of the rich pubs in India. One can party away, dance or walk around in open air and relax over a couple of beverages, or chill in the pool. For people who prefer eating over alcohol, the Deck along the pool offers pizzas and grills and also offers the absolute best and most heavenly Goan delights and European food to satisfy your sense of taste.



The playboy club is one of the most exquisite nightclubs in India. It is located in New Delhi and Mumbai. The Playboy Club follows in that custom of independent nightclubs. It opened a year ago and has had its spot among the premium nightclubs since. The stunning spot is really huge and is spread more than 8000 sq ft and can house more than 850 people at once. The interior decor of the club follows a very retro style with disco balls and chandeliers. The cocktails offered here are known to be very exquisite and unique. It offers exclusive facilities and perks for all its members and serves world class luxury.


Trilogy is known as Mumbai’s most sought after night club. It is located in sea princess near the coast of Juhu beach and has a very exotic touch to it. The design theme is pretty chic with a very colourful lounge area and beautifully adorned furniture. Their premium guest services and exotic cocktails are very well known. The multilevel service is an added advantage.


Tantra (The park) in Kolkatta is known as the destination to celebrate all sorts of energy and fun. The extravagance bar and night club have two fancy bars, a lounge base region, a very impulsive dance floor and enough space to move around. This night club is known to host a lot of events and shows involving celebs and stars and attracts various artists and performers.


Tryst is known to be one of the most expensive nightclubs in Mumbai. The design of this place is in such a way that looks like a very cool show featuring lights. The club is located in the phoenix-high street. It is well known for its huge dance floor.


Skyye Lounge is obviously the most noteworthy and most stunning club setting in Bengaluru for dates with your loved ones, a night out with mates, a corporate event or any private gathering. The view from this rooftop club is so spectacular. It is situated inside the most sought after business and shopping focus in Bangalore, UB City, on the sixteenth floor. The decks are classified according to various aspects and you can choose the one for you. Even though this place has three indoor bar facilities, the rooftop facility gains all the attention.

This place is undoubtedly one of the classiest nightclubs in India.


Aer by Four Seasons hotel is one of the premier rich pubs in India.

This classy rooftop night club is the perfect destination for the finest. You can have a great view of the cityscape from the thirty-fourth floor of the building and have a breathtaking experience while sipping away your favourite cocktail, exquisitely blended to match your tastes. This place is known for its amazing view, extremely happening music, creative cocktail blends and mouth-watering delicacies. It is the best rooftop pub in India and should be a must on your bucket’s list. It is the only one in India that belongs in the top 50 bars in Asia.


Kitty Su is considered one of the best pubs in India. It is believed that this pub has brought about many revolutionary ideas and implemented them making them a social bridging platform for people of all sorts. It started functioning in 2011 and has been the top destination for EDM lovers ever since. They present an equal number of both male and female DJs and have special events happening for the LGBTQ society. Even though this place is extremely expensive; everything that is being offered here is totally worth the price.  It definitely belongs to the group of the rich pubs in India and is absolutely worth the hype


Area 51 is a theme based club that is constructed like a spaceship. It has four storeys. The fourth stage is designed for private parties and has a revolving facility. The base level consists of a massive dance floor with hydraulic lifts and five-dimensional surround sound system. The location is spread over an area of 10,000 square feet. With premium alcohol blends and delicious delicacies, this place truly has everything that a perfect, rich night club should have.

GATSBY 2000 (Chennai)

Gatsby 2000 is located in Crowne Plaza, Chennai. The interior decor of this pub is inspired by Irish architecture and is a splendid spectacle. The music is extremely good and versatile and is sure to entertain people of all sorts. From a casual business meet to a fun out with friends, Gatsby is sure to provide the best ambience for any occasion. It is considered as one among the top-notch rich pubs in South India.


Lap finds itself as a part of Samrat hotels in New Delhi. This place provides a truly royal experience and is considered as one among the rich pubs of India. With its royal interior decor, mind-blowing delicacies and extravagant poisons, it truly gives a heavenly experience.

The entire theme of the pub is based on the gold colour that makes it look extremely exquisite and classy. This place is known to be the favourite hangout spot of many celebrities and businessmen.


Indus club is only meant for the business class and the elite gives. They provide the luxuries and administrations as per the preferences of the guests. This place offers so much more than a dance club. It houses meeting rooms with video conferencing, private workplaces and other meeting arrangements alongside private lounge areas and a thirty-two seater auditorium that serves various purposes. You can only enter this club with a membership or a special invite from the administration and is best suited for business purposes.


Liv is located in Khala Goda, Mumbai. It is known to provide the top-notch party experience that will make you feel like a celebrity. The interior is dazzling and very unique. The luxurious seating arrangement and the multistage service make the experience more awesome. This place is meant for the members and special invitees only.


It is a very luxurious and elite destination in New Delhi which is best suited for business purposes. It is a world class club will all the modern amenities and attributes of a rich and exquisite pub.

It is restricted to the members and the guests of the members on demand. This place is known to attract the top class business people of India.


It is a resort combined with a pub located in Goa. The multilevel landscape and the poolside dance floor are the main attractions of this place. There is an additional interior dance floor too. The vibe of this place is extremely fresh and young which adds on to the advantages and it attracts many foreign guests. The versatility of all the aspects offered by this place makes it the best pub in the party capital of India. Even though this place is seasonal and remains closed during the down season, it still holds its name as an elite pub in India.

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