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Top 10 things to do in songkhla, Thailand

Songkhla is the capital of Songkhla province and is located in Southern Thailand. Thailand is popularly known for its exemplary royal palaces, serene tropical beaches, and scenic temples that largely display the image of Buddha. Songkhla in Thailand is no different from other areas of the countryside. The city is surrounded by exotic beaches. It is no wonder that Songkhla Thailand is always referred to as the great city on two seas!

A visit to Songkhla Thailand will transport you to the imaginary world you always had. Explore the wonderful places in Songkhla. Today, Songkhla is one of the most sought after destinations and its serene culture, art and climate speak volumes.


Mouth watering cuisines is a major reason to tour Songkhla. Enjoy your food as you watch the sparkling beaches. So, while some may go out of their way to spend in big cities, just try this precious smaller town of Songkhla that is so rich in culture.

1.The golden mermaid statue

To touch the golden mermaid statue is the dream in visiting Songkhla Thailand. The golden mermaid is located at the Samila beach in Khao Tang Kuan. There are many legendary stories surrounding the golden mermaid statue. Only the locals can tell the depth and facts behind them-that if I touched the mermaid’s breasts, I would definitely have a Songkhla girlfriend and if I caressed its hair then I would, with no doubt, have a lot of good luck! Find out if these heresies are true.

2.The reclining Buddha statue

This statue is 30 metres long! However, it isn’t the tallest as the reclining sleeping Buddha in Hatyai is 35 metres long! In Songkhla, the reclining Buddha statue is situated at Phraron Laem Pho island. You can take a car to access it. Feel more closer to Buddha than ever.

This statue is gilded in spectacularness and it is a popular place for prayer. It is Incredibly authentic. Just lie down next to it and make all your wishes.

3.Magical view of Songkhla Atop

It is also known as Khao Tang Kuan. The locals know this hill as the Monkey Hill.Walking has a lot of health benefits and you need trek all the way to the hilltop. If you are bored or lonely you can take an elevator for only 30 baht. An elevator will ensure a spectacular panoramic view of the Songkhla town. At the hilltop you will find the Dvarati Chedi tower that is home to Lord Buddha; build during the reign of King Rama V.

4.The city pillar

When you visit Songkhla Thailand, tour the Old Town. The old shophouses have the traditional Chinese vibe where you will find cafes and hotels with delicious cuisines. This place is just so good to hang out with family and friends.

5.Ton plew waterfalls

Ton Plew waterfalls provide gorgeous attraction sites.Just because you are visiting the city, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t see the locality. The waterfalls are exquisite and magical. Being one with nature is the best place to be.Ton Plew waterfalls are located in Songkhla hinterland and they have relishing sites.The waterfalls are particularly noteworthy for their plentiful and enriched natural resources.

The waterfalls are the most common landmarks here. You can catch a nice glimpse of these waterfalls from the foot, from behind in caves or from the top.

The thick forest is good for adventure as it is unspoiled, undisturbed and untouched giving a clean, exemplary and scenic cool climate. The trees are extraordinarily thick and tall forming canopies to give you the much-needed shade.

You will find the most exotic plants and trees here. This is definitely a good place for researchers and scientists for archaeological discoveries because you are sure to find the most indigenous plants and animals.

ton plew waterfalls, songkla

6.Outdoor activity site.

Ton Plew waterfalls are a good place for recreational activities such as hiking and swimming Hike to the top of the waterfalls and you will get a panoramic view of the entire waterfall. You will see the waterfall sprawling beneath and it is truly breathtaking. Swim down the beautiful Songkhla waterfalls to find all the hidden gems.

Divers can also exercise their diving skills here.

Bird calling games are also encouraged by the natural thickets as there surely are exotic birds. You can engage in these activities to keep the family entertained as the site is family and tourist friendly for its immersive cultural experience that everyone is looking for.

There are super walking and hiking paths with calling water sounds to keep you going.

The falls are safe and its waters are clean and fresh as the local villages consume the water that is pumped through pipes.

Tourism. Ton Plew waterfalls are tourists-friendly, they are less crowded and are perfect for cultural activities such as meditation-listen to the sound of the waterfalls and all your worries will vanish.

Worship shrines.There are various worship shrines in Ton Plew waterfalls. The large exotic trees offer natural prayer sites.The soothing waterfalls are good for health. Just walk across the natural forest toward the fall and you will locate the occasional shrines.The lucky wood tree herein is associated with good luck. The streams are awesome and offer an invaluable archaeological advantage and are good enough to boost the tourism industry in Songkhla Thailand.

7.The Naga head statue

This is a dragon head statue. You will find this dragon head at Thale park. It is outstanding for its scattered head, body and tail all over its body and it is always spilling water into the sea!

8.The fragrant flowers

Swim in the sea of sunflowers that are planted strategically on Naga statue way. Take selfies and Feel the beauty.

9.Explicit Art

The new moral art is in the heart of Songkhla town. This art displays the elegant Chinese art and architecture. You will find cafes and hotels which are so good with delicacies.

10. Cafe and market

The blue smile coffee cafe is so friendly. Proceed to its rooftop for a good view of the old town.The night market in Songkhla town provides lots of food and drinks, clothes, street performances and it is a good place to stroll.

It is vivid that there are more than enough places to be in Songkhla Thailand. For health benefits, you will have improved mood, relaxation, exercise and good respiration in the natural, aesthetic and quality Ton Plew waterfalls.The ecological health and biodiversity of the waterfalls is natural with fresh waters. It is remote and uncommercialized.

Truly, Songkhla Thailand is the place to tour.


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