Top 10 Pubs in Goa

When you visit Goa, the small but cosmopolitan state in Western India, you immediately realize that it rightly is regarded as the best nightlife place in India. Although the bustling clubs are prevalent in the area, there is also a range of alternative pubs, completely capable of giving you the entertainment you desire. Let’s check out some of the best.

Cafe Mojo Pub And Bistro: Situated in Salida Del Sol Hotel, in Panaji, it became the Goa’s pioneering English pub, having characteristic retro style. Despite the fact that the rock, country atmosphere dominates the place,  Mojo is transformed during the endless happening parties. There, you can find any kind of beer and drinks, Indian and international, cocktails and snacks as the pub has it all, even pool and football tables. However, the most intrigue fact is that it constitutes the first self–served, E-Beer pub, where you take the beer from the tap and pay per ml using an LCD screen. Very creative!


 Soro, The Village Pub: Located in Assagao in North Goa, away from the city center, Soro is indeed a rustic styled village pub. Famous for its fascinating antique interiors and the themed nights, it frequently hosts musical dance affairs, even stand up comedies. The marvelous ambiance complements the renowned cocktails, the outdoor seating and the breathtaking, full of trees, outside view. A totally must-visit place!

Cavala: If you want to have fun in a picturesque house pub, enjoying in its courtyard garden bar, Cavala is the ultimate destination for you. Located in the Cavala Beach Resort, in Calangute Area at Baga, it is the best place to party, savoring the live local bands or chill, delighting the house piano. Additionally, this old-fashioned spot is pretty popular for its Friday nights, the mojito sangria and the tasteful dishes, as well as for the variety of rock, jazz and mainstream music.

 Tito’s: Considered as the most popular and happening hotspot in Goa, it is situated on the Titos Lane, on Calangute’s amazing location of Baga Beach. It is the place which combines all the kind of entertainment, as it’s not just a pub, but it is also used as a separated club and a Courtyard restaurant. It stands out for the majestic interiors and the foreign or Bollywood music. Don’t have any doubt, it’s a definitely crowded must-see place.

Down The Road: Near the historic Patto Bridge in Panaji, lies the Down the Road «River Front Bistro and Pub». It is actually a pub restaurant, built in a red colorful house building, which rapidly gained recognition for its karaoke nights and the entire cheerful atmosphere for all ages. Therefore, don’t leave the place without singing, dancing and testing the renowned mocktails.

Watson’s Grub: Known as the neighborhood pub restaurant in Panaji, Watson’s seems like it’s made for companies who prefer the old-school English pubs. The friendly vibrant ambiance fits perfectly with the wooden beams, the brick elements, the quaint lighting and the vintage artworks on the walls. The pub also offers its own version of cocktails and food and of course, great beer.


The Pub: The red colorful Pub lies on a busy street, just in the Central Market, in Mapusa. It constitutes the right option especially after the market walk, when the friends meet each other to indulge in tasting the best draft Kingfisher bear.

Top Gear : The Top Gear Pub in Panaji is the tiny all day pub where you can drink and eat in a cozy mood. The dark ambiance in the night, the low lighting and its classic pub style, make it the totally old-style local haunt.

Edge Bar: The Edge Bar at Alila Diwa resort in Majorda, South Goa is the elegant bar pub with the outstanding view, including the coconut garden, the infinity pool and the total tropical environment. Undeniably, its luxurious, posh scenery, during the nights, it is converted to a dark lighting heaven that surely you desire to visit.

 The Sundowner: Last but not least, The Sundowner in Arpora is situated nearby the beach, having also its private beach with the form of a giant pool, surrounding by a flourishing vegetation. Located inside the awarded, Pride Sun Village Resort and Spa, it is famous for the Pina colada and the retro decoration, full of bollywood posters. Representing an exotic, calming ambience, it’s surely the best choice for those who prefer the interesting lounge settings.

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