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Top 10 Beaches in Phuket

When planning to visit Thailand, beaches in Phuket are one of the most popular and growing attractions amongst the visitors who want to enjoy their dream destination with the zeal of exploring the adventure and entertainment. You can experience the nature and the best of your own feelings, which you are craving for a long time.

1.Paradise Beach: is not very big in terms of area coverage, however, the lines of Palm trees give the appearance of nature in your lap. You can enjoy going to different restaurants, bars, hotels. Thai food and international food is the speciality in the restaurants over there. Approximate length of the beach is around 150 to 200 meters only, near Patong. Earlier it used to be the charge of 500 baht, however now it is free of charge. You can also enjoy lying on the chairs, over the beach, like few other beaches in Phuket. Koh Phang style beach parties can cost you around 1000 baht, which includes the cocktail drinks that will turn your mood more entertaining.


paradise beach phuket2. Freedom Beach: is the place where the environment is very peaceful and calm, in comparison to other beaches in Phuket. There will be no vendors, to disturb you. You can leisurely enjoy viewing white sand, which looks very attractive at the coast. Beach is covered with the dense forest area, where it is little difficult to reach either with the help of long tail boat that runs on engine or narrow way, which is down the hill. The charges of the boat depends upon the appearance of the visitor, which can differ from 1100 to 1500 baht. Sports like soccer, Volleyball and snorkeling are available at the freedom beach, to enhance the atmosphere of the place.

freedom beach phuket

3. Kata Noi Beach: is quite near to Kata Beach, that consists of very fine sand and the relaxing environment around. There are few hotels in the area of 700 M Long Beachside, which is few minutes drive from Kata. Duration from may to October, witnesses so many Surfers, due to the weather conditions which are favourable for them. Amongst so many hotels, restaurants and bars, Foto hotel has a very distinctive designed area that invites the visitors with its catchy views.

kata noi beach phuket

4. Kata Beach: is full of clean and Blue Water view, with the soothing sand granules and amazing Palm trees. The vision of long tail boats and entertainment during the night life of the beach, attracts lots of visitors, Surfers as well as people who are interested in sun bath, enjoys the place a lot. You can find lots of economical vendors around the place for food and drinks. In addition to which, so many hotels and restaurants are available including the luxurious and the economical one. There are many stores of goods and handicrafts available, in addition to branded stores, unlike other beaches in Phuket.

kata beach phuket

5. Surin Beach: is famous for its soft and milky white sand, you will love to touch covering the area of approximately 800 meters. The place is quite popular for luxury resorts, Bungalows and bars with the magical performance of DJs. Most of the celebrities often visit there and are known to Cater their luxurious life, due to which the place is little expensive than other beaches in Phuket. The turquoise colour of water changes the way of your thinking towards life towards more energetic and cheerful.

Surin beach phuket

6. Ya Nui Beach: is one of the smallest beaches in Phuket, with the length of 200 metres barely, gives the viewers an amazing natural beauty in terms of scenery and atmosphere around. Fishing is available there for the purpose of visitors and swimming provision in the northern part of the beach. Body massage service providers, mobile stalls offering eatables and local fruits are visible without searching. You can enjoy the innocence of the kids, who are often seen finding shells.


ya nui beach phuket

7. Patong Beach: one of the most lively beaches in Phuket is wanted for its nightlife, by the visitors. The beach is spreaded over 2.5 kilometres of length, which consists of hundreds of restaurants, bar and hotels altogether, where couples, singles or even the families love to visit.

patong beach phuket

8. Laem Singh Beach: is one of the smallest beaches in Phuket, which covers only 150 Meters length, however very much crowded and popular amongst The Tourists, in comparison to other beaches of Phuket with less area coverage. It gives the feeling like you are on the private beach. Restaurants serve seafood and special Thai food, as the specialty. In the peak season, you can view banana boats and guys enjoying water ski to live with the Panorama of the beach. Massage service is available for 300 baht on an hourly basis. However, for quite some time, the beach is closed and the beauty of nature is curbed.

laem singh beach phuket

9. Banana Beach: was not even known till recent years, as it was not recognized much by the list of beaches in Phuket and not known by everybody. The quality of sound is very fine and the texture is attractive from the far sight even. You can enjoy the art of life over the beaches chairs, under the umbrella for hours, that can give you an everlasting experience.

bannana beach phuket

10. Bangtao Beach: is one of the longest beaches in Phuket, between airport and patent. There are luxurious Resorts, villas and Bungalows surrounding the beach area. Huge list of hotels, bars, pubs and restaurants are offering their services to the tourists with the influential culture and traditions of Thailand. Provision of horse riding, along with the beach, adds to the attractions of the visitors. There is a vibrant and an exclusive Thai Temple, which is visited by most of the people, ‘Wat Cherngtalay’.

bangtao beach phuket

Other beaches in Phuket includes Karon Beach, Nai Harbor Beach, Rawai Beach, Nai Yangon Beach, Kamala Beach, Naithan Beach, Aosane Beach , Panhandle Beach, Mai Khao Beach, Pansea Beach etc. You can visit more than 30 beaches in Phuket, however its preferable to pick the few best options and enjoy your vacation.

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