Ton plew waterfalls is situated in Songkhla state, Thailand at the border of Thailand and Malaysia, in a sub-district of Wang Prachan. The place where the waterfalls is located (Songkhla) is well known as Singora by many people especially the residents around the area. It’s a 968km drive to the south of the capital city of Thailand (Bangkok) a country in the South Eastern Asia. Ton plew waterfalls is situated in between the National forest and the Wildlife National Reserve. Just on the out casts of the well-known National park called Ban Sea. As a matter of fact, Ton plew is the second floor among the seven floors such as Ton Ba being the first and Ton Rue si koi Bor standing at the seventh place.

There are five levels that make up Ton plew waterfalls the major one Being Ton Lam Prow. The cliffs at the waterfall are of 40 meters’ in height that collects into small shallow water pools referred to as Wang Bo and Wang Tei. People usually swim in this pools from the fall as compared to the others cliffs which are equally not that high as such.


Water streams down the water fall into a tabular artificial water way called Malao and then flows into another canal called Klonghak, further into Kaming canal and eventually into the last canal called Duson. Natural resources are all over the forest making Ton plew waterfalls a beautiful mother nature, cool place to hang around and of great scenery that attracts many.

It is a great tourist attraction site in the Songkhla state as the tourists and foreigners like to enjoy the beautiful adventurous nature trail in the forest and a view of the wildlife sanctuary. The way to the waterfalls is in between the woods, a fantastic one and adventurers as well as you hear the relaxing sound of water streaming down the fall. There are water pipes running from the fall that connects to all the nearby villages. The water is transferred to all the nearby villages. Villages largely depend on the water from Ton plew waterfalls for survival and domestic use. This is one of the best initiatives that the government of Thailand has done to the residence around the fall and it has really helped them at a great deal.

Another belief that the villagers greatly uphold concerning the waterfall is a myth that during the dry seasons of the year, the sound of the water streaming down the rocks is much louder than usual. To them, this is a great relief and hope as well as it symbolizes the coming to an end of the drought season and welcoming of the rains to shower them with blessings. Particularly this is a strong belief of the Wang Prachan community also leaving close to Ton Plew Waterfalls. Fish feeding is another very fun activity in Ton Plew Waterfalls that is enjoyed by many of those who get a chance to visit the fall.

The trees in the forest provide a very cool and relaxing environment in the area just good to stay in the place long enough to enjoy the fresh air out of the expected real world. There exists an Indian shrine for prayer purposes. Most of the writings on the educative wood sign boards about Ton Plew waterfalls place are written in an Indian – Thailandish Language. The place is located in Thailand and some of the occupants are Indian native speakers. But that should not be a discouragement to the foreigners and those who ought or visits the place since tour guides are always available to show them around and do explanations of some of the writings for them.

Huai Taming is an intermittent stream that flows nearby Ton Plew Waterfalls among other streams such as Khlong Tai, Malao and Chiang as well. Fai Thung Maprang is a dam just designated nearby Ton Plew waterfalls. Other features nearby the fall include Khao Wang Chang hill, Sathani dispensary and Matsayit Ban mosque. Other water falls that include Nam Tok Ton Plio and Nam Tok Yaroi as well as Rongrian Ban Thung and Rongrian Ban Wang Prachan being among the school’s nearby Ton plew waterfalls.


Ton Plew waterfalls is usually open for visitors from 07:00 till 17:00 as its operational hours. It’s an eye catching and breath taking place to be and take an adventure many people anticipating to have the chance to visit such waterfalls and have their memories loaded of the adventures of it.