Tips to Follow in the World’s Biggest Adult Playground(Nana Plaza)

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand has many lady bars and in almost all places you will get at least one of the lady bar. But I wanted to go for Nana Plaza as it is one of the biggest adult playgrounds on the world.

I started my journey from Bangalore International Airport and I arrived at the Don Muang International Airport, Bangkok, which is more crowded by many of the Asian countries people. From there, I took airport taxi and went to Nana as Nana plaza located in Nana area. In Nana, you will find all kind of Western and Asian restaurants, so if you like to have some food you can have it.


Now, I’m mentioning here some great tips that which I experienced personally please follow them strictly if you would like to enjoy the biggest playground of the World.

Tips to Follow:

  • When you enter the Nana Plaza many bar girls standing over there and they smile at you and call you but you just smile and say will come back later so they will stop forcing you to call.
  • Just sit on the ground floor bar which is an open bar and have a drink and observe everything surrounding you that is happening, so you will understand something that which is the right bar to go inside.
  • Don’t go inside the downside lady bars as the girls are not much prettier, if girls are not pretty then surely, you will not enjoy your time there.
  • Go to the first floor and there you get many bars but I prefer, you go to Twister bar as it has more pretty girls and also we don’t find any Shemales or Ladyboys inside the bar.
  • In Twister bar or any bar in Nana Plaza don’t take a small girl that who even not crossed her 18 years of age as she will not give good company to you means just she come and sit with you and drink the lady drink and go, that’s it.
  • When you enter the bar not choose the girl immediately rather than that, just sit for a while and have your drink and look at all girls and choose the one, which you like the most and again don’t choose the small girls.
  • Don’t take two girls or three at a time because you don’t know which girl gives you the good company, so take one if she gives you good company then keep her and play with her. If you compulsorily want to take 2 or 3 girls then take one by one by seeing their comfortableness with you.
  • The restaurant’s lady managers, smile and talk to you and ask for a lady drink, so don’t buy for them, just smile innocently and shake your head with no sign and please don’t talk angrily with them as it will take to a big fight.
  • A small bottle of a beer cost you about 185 Baht and lady drink also cost the same 185 baht only. You went there to enjoy with girls so you drink little and make them drink more so you can enjoy more time with girls but don’t buy them lady drink continuously, take time for 30 minutes for one lady drink will be fine, so you will enjoy your best time with ladies.
  • Please avoid street dogs (street ladies) as you don’t know who they are and how they behave with you. Your safety is first and the cost is next. Why I told cost here means street girls come for cheap rates with you but you don’t have security. But if you are lucky then you will get good street dogs too sometimes as it is left to your choice, if you are ready to take the risk then you can take street girls.

So these are my tips for you if you are visiting the Nana Plaza, Bangkok.  Ha Ha, finally enjoy your play in the biggest adult playground. All the best.


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