Dharwad city

The Info About Hubli-Dharwad Twin City

Hubli-Dharwad are the twin cities which are located in the district of Dharwad, Karnataka state, India. They are twin cities but have two different faces like Dharwad is calm city and its 80% economy is completely dependent on the educational sector and Hubli is a fully commercial city, its 80% economy is based on small commercial businesses to till high-level corporate companies.

Hubli-Dharwad twin cities contain temperature in the summer season usually from 35-degree Celsius to 39-degree Celsius.The population of Hubli-Dharwad city is 943,788 lakhs. The major castes here are first Hindu, second the Muslim, third the Christain and fourth is Jainism. Dharwad district covers a total area of 202.233 Square Kilometers.


Hubli-Dharwad is the second developed city in the Karnataka state after the Bangalore, which is the capital city of Karnataka state.

The Bench high court, IIT college, Agriculture University, Karnataka University are located in the Dharwad district. And also companies like Tata Marco polo, KMF ( Karnataka Milk Federation) are situated in the district of Dharwad. Hubli-Dharwad city contains thousands of colleges and schools and many of them are reputed schools and colleges in the Karnataka state.

Famous temples in Hubli are Siddharoodha Math and Mahaveer Jain Temple. Famous Temples in Dharwad city are Murugha Math, Nuggikeri Hanuman Temple and Someshwara Temple.

Tasty chats such as Pani Puri and Seva Puri are available in Durgad Bail, Hubli and in Dharwad, you will get near KCD circle and Sangam circle.

Famous sweet name called Thakur Dharwad Pedha is not only famous in Dharwad city but throughout India. If you ever visit Dharwad city never miss to buy this sweet.


Dharwad city is famous for cool climate and also for its unique accent of Kannada language.

The living cost of this city is average like you can get a rented 2 bedroom house from the price range 5000 INR – 10000 INR depending on location and facilities.

Overall this Hubli-Dharwad twin city is good to live your retired life or just to relax out heavy traffic from the metropolitan cities.