The best food places in Bangalore

The grasshopper restaurant tends to provide its customers with a combination of quality food and graceful wall designs that are catchy to gaze at. This tends to be a glorious spot for one in a relation mood. The outdoor dining area is surrounded by an attractive garden including a catchy music.

Karavalli restaurant has been praised by visitors who come to the place as a feast of mouthwatering South African dishes are available. Dishes from different communities are provided as specialists from most communities have been hired to ensure that all customers are well catered for and feel quite relaxed.


The café Thulp being among the food places in Bangalore that offer tasty burgers cannot be left aside. Meat lovers will find this graceful as there are in many varieties ensuring that the delicacies are for everyone while the vegetarians are also catered for as they also have a line of taste in their side.

Luxuriously tasty dishes can easily be pumped into at the Edo restaurant and bar which being among the food placed in Bangalore serves mostly Japanese dishes with sushi chefs’ present to make the best out of the meal. Having its unique and a graceful design.

Vegetarians might find the Imli Café and Restaurant among the food places in Bangalore a very enticing place to have their meal as they offer a mixture of dishes based strongly on the north Indian home cooking.  Being from a converted bungalow, the restaurant also has outdoor facilities hence luxurious.

The barbecue nation ensures that the diners are able to ensure food is cooked at their own starters hence they tend to ensure that they partake their meal while it is still steaming hot.  An all you can eat buffet is also there at a set price hence no bill prices.

The Persian terrace among the food places in Bangalore sees that visitors dine under the stars as they tend to enjoy the glittering in the sky having an unforgettable experience. The dishes offered being mostly inclusive of Iranian meals tends to be a glamor to its visitors and wonderful experience.


The royal Afghan being as luxurious as it tends to offer its guests with views over the starlit pool. It tends to focus on the traditional west frontier dishes hence culture preserved. The staff can prepare the most out of any dish to ensure your comfort is accounted for.

The time traveler among the food places in Bangalore looks to it that guests tend to feel they are travelling across as the dishes vary from different countries alongside the Indian classics. It brands itself from only using healthy meat and being environmental friendly the quests are sure of a great health condition.

The I & Monkey Restopub among the food places in Bangalore ensures a luxurious indoor and outdoor dine for its guests from delicacies. Spicy broths and curries are to be expected as the main course, followed by cooling American favorites.