Thailand Travel Tips

If you are planning a trip to this enchanting country in the coming vacations these Thailand Travel tips are just for you.

Terrible Traffic and very crowded:


The roads of the country and especially the tourist points are quite crowded.The traffic of the country is terribly dangerous. The roads are crowded and about 80 people die in accidents in Thailand every day on an average. Please be safe while travelling.

Food experience can be good if carefully chosen:

There is a large variety of dishes available in Thailand. In these Thailand Travel Tips, we recommend you to try the street restaurants as they give very delicious food. However better know about the dish before ordering or eating it. Seafood available has a lot of variety. Some food items like live shrimp salad can be too adventurous for normal people.

Alcohol can be bought after evening:

Liquor is allowed to be sold officially only in from evenings. So it is best to go with a cold drink in the afternoon. And one should be at least 20 to buy alcohol in Thailand. Wine can be very expensive as the import taxes are four times the other places.


Thongs can be used all the time:

The footwear has to be removed outside all temples and Wats and many more places so it is quite acceptable to wear Thongs and roam about in the place as they are easy to remove and put back.

Carry Insect Repellents:

The country is quite loaded with mosquitoes and other insects so be prepared with an insect repellent to have a safe trip. A spray or roll on should work well.

Conservative dressing for cultural tour:

It is must cover shoulder and knees to enter the temples and palaces. So if you are on a cultural tour better to be in modest attire. At the entrance of every temple, they provide a large piece of cloth to tie around the waist that covers the legs.

Massages Parlours should be chosen carefully:

Most of the massage parlours run sex tourism undercover so be safe and choose a genuine traditional fully clothed Thai massage.

Shopping is loved by the nation:

Thailand has malls and markets everywhere. From the water market to the street bazaar to huge luxurious malls, shopping is for one and all of all budgets and classes.

Stay away from getting conned:

Never believe the first person who meets you and offers you a package. Go around and see a few people before deciding otherwise people may take advantage of you and charge you excessively. Even better is to read this kind of Thailand travel tips so you know the situation.

Take your own time:

There is too much to see in the country so don’t rush. Enjoy at your own pace and cover whatever you can instead of hurrying and running around.

We have written these Thailand travel tips to help you enjoy your journey better. Hope you are benefited from these.

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