khardhungla pass


Leh-Ladakh is definitely one of those “at least once in a lifetime” kind of destinations for travellers across the world. It is very well known for its enchanting beauty and captivating landscapes and mountains.  Leh-Ladakh houses a number of places that are known for their extreme weather conditions and other factors that call for various permits to acquire before travelling to those places. Following are such places in and around Leh-Ladakh.



The route to the Khardhungla pass is known to be open throughout the year because it is maintained by the Army. The altitude at which this pass is located is 18,400 ft. The security arrangements are pretty tight at the same time the road is pretty well-maintained. Sometimes, if the weather is extreme, you will not be allowed to ride your bike through the pass until the weather settles. You need to get the inner line permit documents ready before travelling to Khardungla pass if you are an Indian citizen and a protected area permit if you are a foreigner.


The road to Chang la is adventurous in itself because of its geographical structure. The steep slope towards the pass and you need to ride with utmost care. During winter, the roads get lined with ice and your vehicle is prone to skidding a lot more than during the other parts of the year. You need not require an inner line permit to visit Chang la after the changes in rules in 2014. Indian passport. Make sure you have at least two of these documents: Driving licence, Aadhar card, Service identity card issued by the government, PAN card, Election identity card.


Nubra valley is located on a lower altitude and is not as cold as the Khardhungla pass even during winters. The road is open all through the year except for extreme weather days. You need to get the inner line permit to pass through and proceed to this valley. You can apply for these permits online. The process has become so much easier and hassle-free. The valley remains warm and green during most times of the year and is completely safe to take up a road trip provided you are well-equipped. Make sure that there is no permit-ban due to weather conditions before planning the trip.



The route to Pangong Lake from Leh is about 160 km long and will take about 7 hours because you need to maintain low speeds to ensure safety. This road is always in quite a good condition and is well maintained even during winters. In order to visit the lake, one needs to have an Inner line permit because of the location of the lake. Since the lake lies on the actual line of control of both China and India, an individual pass is required for every tourist who is visiting the lake. Foreigners need to have a specific area permit in order to visit Pangong Lake.

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