Struggling Life of Vietnamese

Vietnam or the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is on the eastern end of the Indochina Peninsula in the South-eastern Asia.



Vietnam’s present population estimation is over 90 million. It is the 14th most populated country in the world.

After the Vietnam War ended, a population boom happened in Viet Nam. This led to an increase in population density which led to further pressure on infrastructure and environment.

The population growth is slowly coming down due to government policies but the past rate has led to increasing the number of youth. This has led to serious mismatch with the capacity of the education system and workforce requirement.


75% of Vietnam’s population was poor in the 1980s. The government’s efforts have worked out as in ‘Human Development Report’ of 2003 by United Nations is states that poverty is under 29% and further falling.


Rural areas still show poverty and people from poor rural provinces move into the cities attracted to urbanization. Low-skill jobs fetch minimal wage and high unemployment.

Poor infrastructure and Pollution:

The Infrastructure of Vietnam is old and of the colonial time and under pressure due to a large population. It needs to be changed and replaced. Rivers and lakes in some city areas have become so dirty and unsafe to use because of high levels of industry waste is being dumped into them.

Plants and animals homes have got encroached in the process of urbanization. Also, poaching and illegal smuggling of animals happen.

Many main hospitals of Vietnam are still in old buildings with very basic facilities which need improvement.

Vietnam has many health problems in rising like HIV/AIDS is surging due to increasing drug abuse and unsafe sex.

Unemployment and Education Quality:

According to a Vietnamese minister, the country every year has one million high school graduates and just about 3% of them go to vocational schools as most want to get a university degree.

University graduates are increasingly unable to find and are making 20% of the country’s unemployed population as per the ministry.

The unemployment problem could be due university education’s quality also and not just because of excess graduates.

In developed nations, 25-30 % workforces are university graduates. But in Vietnam, it is only 7 %.

There is a need to not only increase the job opportunities but to also improve the quality of education. The education ministry has started with a new policy to limit the students at each school.

In past Vietnam’s heritage has progressed the country well. But a need of change in behavior is required for progress.

Old systems:

There are ground level problems like a strict hierarchy which is cutting down the initiative taking capacity and innovation capability of new employees. There is plenty of bureaucracy and red tape and corruption going on.

The rigid curriculum and strict teaching kill imagination and curiosity in the school.
Male dominated society limits women’s freedom and leads to a crime against women. There is need of change in thought and practices.

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