Samila beach Sonkhla

Samila Beach Songkhla :Beautiful Beach in Thailand

If you ever visit Thailand, or if you are currently in the Thailand country, then one tourist hotspot you must not miss is the Samila beach Songkhla. Nothing calms the mind like the view of blue waters with golden sand. This is why Samila beach aces as the perfect place to enjoy yourself in Thailand.

Samila Beach Songkhla sits at the southern part of Thailand. The oceanic view it offers is just breathtaking. If you are with your family and kids, then Samila beach Songkhla is the perfect place to have fun with your family. The waters remain calm for the most part of the day; this gives kids the chance to experience the ocean water without being in any sort of danger. The water adorns the beach in such a fashion that the shoreline stretches out infinitely.


Another factor that differentiates Samila Beach Songkhla beach from the rest is the black rocks studded to the shores. There naturally formed rocks have a black complexion with a smooth texture. It brings a great deal of visual aesthetics to the shoreline as they give a stark contrast with the bluish green water and the golden sand.
If you need a long walk along the shoreline, you can easily capture the magic of the Samila beach Songkhla. When you are there, it feels like the waves walk up to the shore to greet you. If you plan to visit Samila beach Songkhla then changes into beachwear and some flip-flops as you wouldn’t want to miss out on experiencing the beach in all its glory.

There are a lot of activities in and around Samila beach for you to enjoy. These experiences make your journey at Samila memorable. Something as gratifying as building sandcastles to enjoying the street food, you can spend all day long without having the need for a change of scenery.
So let’s take a look at the activities you can do at Samila Beach Songkhla;
The Blue Waters of Samila
Samila beach is just perfect for a nice swim at the beach. The waves are not too forceful that they suck up all your energy. Samila Beach has mild waves which can be easily mastered, and you can have a great time in the waters. This also creates an opportunity for kids to enjoy the shallow depths to the sea.
Go Horse Riding!
Who said you have to walk along the beach to enjoy it? At Samila Beach Songkhla you can ride a horse along the shoreline. This gives you a different experience altogether. There are horses available if you fancy riding in style, literally. So if you want to post some pictures to brag to your friends and have a memorable experience at the same time, do try out horse riding at the beach.
The Samila Beach Hotel:
After you had your fun at the beach and needed some time to relax, then there is courtyard building near the Samila hotel situated at Samila Beach Songkhla. The courtyard has open space structure where you can escape from the sun and relax. It’s a good place to cool off. If you have some important work to do or need some shade, then you can take some time off at the courtyards.
Enjoy the Local Cuisine
The best way to enjoy Thailand’s street food is from the vendors at the shoreline. There are multiple vendors there selling all kind of tasty bites you can enjoy for yourself and the ones you love, both sweets and savories. The prime movers are none other than ice creams. You can have a variety y of ice cream flavors and toppings to go with it.
When the sun is high in the sky, there is no way better to enjoy it without a scoop of ice cream. Each vendor will have different types of toppings and flavors, so make sure to visit every single one of them. Plus, who gets tired of ice creams right?! If you want to have the taste of Thailand’s infamous coconuts, then the coconut flavored ice creams with coconut toppings will do the trick!
The Mermaid Statue
If you are at Samila Beach Songkhla, then you possibly can’t come back without taking a picture with the mermaid statue. You can always expect tourists around the mermaid statue, so don’t wait around, get your picture taken as you get the chance. The Mermaid Statue stands on black rocks when makes it even more beautiful. The statue is sculpted in such a way that the mermaid is seen combing her hair. This statue is built by the Jitr Buabus in 1966 as a remembrance to an old tale in Thailand where a mermaid combs her hair at night.
The Pine Trees and Greenery
Samila Beach Songkhla is a mix of many natural beauties. At one side you have this vast ocean that’s immersive in front of you where time just slips by without notice. When you look to the other side, you are greeted with pine trees and walkways where you can spend some time with the flora this place has to offer. The walkways through the trees give you a surreal feel. It’s a drastic change of scenery and something that you will truly want to get lost in.
Parting thoughts
All in all, Samila Beach Songkhla is a place you must visit at least once, the culture and rhythm of Thailand is an experience in itself. Enjoy the views, the thrills, and the cuisine to fully embrace Thailand. Samila brings together many of things at one place that Thailand has to offer. The sand and the water entices you from the moment you see it. It is the best place to distress yourself from all of the world’s hectic lifestyles.
So if you are at Samila beach do not miss all these hotspots as they will surely award you with sweet memories of Thailand. So if you are planning a trip with your family or friends or even by yourself, never miss out on these wonders at Samila Beach Songkhla. Have a breath of fresh air, enjoy walking on the soft sand and let the ocean embrace you all at Samila Beach Songkhla.
Wishing you a happy journey!!!