safari world bangkok


Safari World is a leading tourist attraction in Bangkok located in Min Buri on Raminthra Road. The park offers a stunning site for a family day out. For the lovers of nature, the park provides a site full of amazing scenes ranging from friendly animals to the beautiful landscape. A day out in the jungle is a perfect way to unwind and discover the secrets of nature.



Safari World became operational on Feb 17, 1988with a total of 480 acres for its open zoo and 180 acres for its bird park. A major renovation to improve the effectiveness of land use commenced on April 17, 1989. Since then, the park has grown to become a leisure park with Marine Park and an open zoo. The open zoo and Marine Park occupy approximately 200 acres of land.


Safari Park is an 8 kilometers stretch of land hosting different species of members of the animal kingdom. A walk through the safari park is fun and relaxing. It offers an opportunity to watch a variety of animals of African and Asian origin.

 The park offers an opportunity to interact with rare and endangered animals and different kinds of plants. There are daily tiger and lion feeding shows at 10.00am. Some other animals found in the park include zebras, giraffes, rhinos, and deer.  It takes about 45 minutes drive through the park.



The Marine Park is occupied by a wide range of marine life including dolphins, seals whales, and crocodiles among others.  Some of the fun spots in the park include; exciting carp garden, tropical rainforest aviary and tapir kingdom exhibits, many daily marine shows, water skiing, watching dolphins and birds. A jungle river cruise gives an opportunity to watch crocodiles and apes as they feed. A splash-down on water flume ride is a perfect activity for a hot humid afternoon.

 Tourists enjoy the amazing experience of explosives, gunfights and bullwhips at the Hollywood cowboy stunt show. The first and the only Orangutan boxing show in the world are offered at the site. The performances are exciting as you are offered the opportunity to see the orangutan’s showcase trick. Sea lion shows are simply amazing!

Dolphins shows are conducted daily starting at 1.45pm. Kids enjoy watching the most intelligent marine creatures play with balls and perform their tricks. Catch the amazing view of the dolphin’s somersault in the air at the park.

The park has herds of different types of birds including owls, pelicans, cranes and marabou. The comic performances by parrots are amazing and enjoyable.

Watch the daily white tiger show

At the protected area you will find the African tiger and the Bengal lion. Visitors get the thrilling experience of dangerous carnivore feeding show.

At the zoo, you get an up-close encounter will be endangered animals on conservation.


Entrance tickets are applicable only to children between 2-12 years old (100cm to 140cm). Children below the age of 2 years are offered free entrance.

Nationals of Thailand must purchase their entrance tickets at the Safari World counter. E-tickets are only available to non-Thai nationals.

Transportation includes a tour through Safari World Park and a round-trip hotel transfers in your private vehicle.

The drivers for private car transportation can only communicate in English.

Opening hours: Monday-Friday from 09.00 am to 04.30pm.

Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays from09.00 to 5.00 pm

Admission: Adult 800 baht, Child 500 baht.

Location: 99 Panyaintara Road, Samwatawantok, Klongsamwa Bangkok

Tel: 025181000-19