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Rimnam Thailand Restaurant

Location: Southern Part of Thailand (Hat Yai)

Cost: 200 Baht for full and unlimited access to buffet meals.


Opening Hours: 4:30pm – 11:00pm

Rimnam Thailand (Rimnam Buffet Restaurant) is a buffet style restaurant to be contended with. Located in Hat Yai, the southern part of Thailand, this restaurant is an incredibly popular local go to. The reason? It only costs 200 Baht per person. It is open between 4:30pm to 11:00pm. With its convenient location, amazing low cost plus a great neon sign, it’s impossible to miss and even harder to resist.

The first thing that you notice about Rimnam Thailand is the view. There is something special about being able to eat your meal with your friends and family in an expansive open setting coupled with beautiful views of the river and lush native greenery. The restaurant exhibits a family friendly setting where there are plenty of table and chairs to accommodate for even the largest of families. Rimnam Thailand boasts a shocking low price of only 200 Baht for unlimited food and open service, so the sooner you grab a table the better. When the doors open and people begin to flock in almost immediately it becomes clear that Rimnam Thailand is an incredibly popular local restaurant. With it’s unbelievable reputation of quality high value food and service, it’s understandable why it is seldom to find a free chair.

Most importantly though, considering how cheap this UNLIMITED buffet is you begin to question, how good is the food? Well, you are immediately put at ease with the presentation and location of Rimnam Thailand. The food display and tables are pristine in hygeine and well presented. There is a vast array of choices for food. Everything provided is freshly made, with vast quantities. If you have a favourite, you can feel safe in going for seconds because there is more than enough food to go around. The variety of foods is astonishing, so there is something for everyone. Ranging from your meats like chicken and beef to freshly caught salmon and other seafood. Everything is kept fresh and on ice to ensure that the food you are eating in Rimnam Thailand is the best you can get. To accompany meat and seafood is a colourful array of fresh sides, condiments, salads, drinks and desserts. There is something to suit everyone (even the fussiest of eaters). Each table is provided with its own cooking apparatus where people can cook their delicious meat.

The one criticism that can be found about Rimnam Thailand is that there isn’t enough seating for people who want to eat here. This fact is not surprising considering the amazing value of 200 Baht combined with the fantastic food, service, and atmosphere that Rimnam Thailand provides. There’s something refreshingly unique about being surrounded by families and friends cooking their meals. The happy and vibrant vibes combined with the overwhelmingly delicious smells of cooking foods play part in creating an unforgettable experience. It is no wonder that this restaurant, with it’s amazing value and great experience, is a popular as it is.



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