Rimnam Restaurant Thailand

The Rimnam restaurant in Thailand is the paradise for every food lover! The restaurant starts serving food from 4:30 in the evening to 11 in the night. While the crowd starts hopping in right from the start, it is not uncommon to see a huge queue outside the restaurant during the late half of the evening. The busiest hours at the restaurant are usually after 6 PM, when the restaurant is usually completely full.

The restaurant is designed with a wide open sitting area with sharing tables and a food serving area with an excellent ventilation. The ambiance is friendly and with a spark of energy. The décor and seating are simplistic yet comfortable. An LCD display screen plays live matches and provides the guests with entertainment as they enjoy a sumptuous meal at the Rimnam restaurant Thailand. The food and cutlery layout section are well organized away from the seating area, to avoiding crowding and spillage. The restaurant can comfortably seat up to 60 to 70 people, yet the evening hours find the place jam-packed.


The restaurant has buffet setting, with a pocket-friendly pricing of 200 Thai baht per person for unlimited food and desserts.

The Rimnam restaurant (Thailand) offers visitors a magnitude of eating options varying from fresh sea-food and poultry, to an assortment of ice-creams and desserts. The restaurant has a variety of juicy and ripe local and exotic fruits and salads to choose from. The fresh and delectable taste of the food served at the restaurant is a delight to the taste buds! The Rimnam restaurant Thailand maintains high levels of hygiene and quality in the myriad dishes it offers.

The Rimnam restaurant Thailand gives fresh sea food assortment which can be selected and steamed at the seats as per individual liking. The wholesome nature of dishes is complemented by the unlimited number of servings one can opt for. Various beverage options are also available at the Rimnam restaurant Thailand to accompany the food.

Just when you think it can’t get any better, the hospitality adds another feather to the cap. The employees at the restaurant are efficient, friendly and always ready to help in selection and refilling the plates adding to the overall experience.

The restaurant is located on the main road with an exclusive parking space for customers at the doorstep of the restaurant, making it a convenient stop.


The Rimnam restaurant Thailand is setting a new benchmark for Thai buffet, spoiling people with unimaginable number of dishes within the reach of their budget. The Rimnam restaurant is a popular eat-out for local residents and tourists visiting Thailand because of the enormous range of choices it offers at an affordable price. The evening sunset paints a breath-taking view from the restaurant, with the blue colours of water deepening into the darkness making the delicious eating experience even more memorable.  The distinct and unforgettable quality and taste of food, along with the cheerful ambience carve out this place in Thailand as a must-visit restaurant for authentic Thai food and a fun-filled evening.

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