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Rimnam Restaurant Hatyai,Thailand

Rimnam Restaurant Hatyai is the place to be to enjoy an evening of fine unlimited food, served by none other than yourself or that of the person that accompanied you in dining. Restaurant Hatyai is unique in its feature as the restaurant allows its customer the liberty of choosing their own meal menu for just 200 Baht.

Yes! You heard right, the varieties are endless as you choose from various seafood (shrimp, salmon, fish etc) chicken and other meats, fruits( pineapples, mangoes, papaya, apples, etc) vegetables, sweets and ice creams. There is something for anyone who visits Rimnam Restaurant Hatyai.


Rimnam Restaurant Hatyai is the perfect place for the family, there is no strict menu to abide by or a limited availability of food to choose. All the food items are placed in a buffet style, where customers upon entering choose a plate and begin their journey of choosing what delights them. You determine how you want your food to look on your plate or even how you want it to taste.

A hot pan is situated on each table, where customers have the option of preparing their meals the way they like. Whether you prefer your food to be medium or well done the option is yours to choose. Who does it better than you?  suited to your own taste and preference.

Rimnam Restaurant Hatyai is located within the reach of its customers, as it is situated on the roadside where it is easily accessible by its guests. The restaurant provides this scenic view of its environment and even a river that I located close to the restaurant. The doors and windows are almost invisible, as the restaurant is designed openly for customers to be greeted by the fresh breeze which passes in the evening of its opening. The restaurant is opened in the late afternoon from 4:30 pm and closes at 11:00 pm nightly. This location is ideal for a late lunch snack or for dinner.

Rimnam Restaurant Hatyai starts and closed from 4:30 pm to 11:00. It takes a few minutes from opening hours for the restaurant to be full to capacity; even the parking lot on the outside is full of bikes and cars of customers who cannot resist the beauty and the amazing feature of this roadside restaurant. The members of staff each day prepare themselves for a hectic evening of restocking empty trays and plates for customer self-serve, not to mention writing receipts as the customer pay for an evening of such delight. All age groups are often seen enjoying the delights of Rimnam Restaurant Hatyai, even those who are confused having such variety to choose from, while some customers enjoy making a continuous trip to the food table to sample the variety of foods that are made available for them to choose from.

The next time you decide to take a trip to Thailand, Rimnam Restaurant Hatyai should be on your list of places to go, just for 200 Baht you can enjoy the evening of all you can eat.





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