Pubs of Rich People in Bangkok

At first glance, Bangkok might not seem like a glamorous place but actually it is. Equipped with a plenty of luxurious places to hang out, eat, drink and enjoy. Bangkok is loaded with chunks of luxurious pubs and bars on which anyone can expect for a grand celebration. Be it the finest cuisines of the city or the best drinks to hang out with, the ultimate experience of luxury can be clearly viewed in this beautiful place and that too at reasonable costs. If you are confused as to in which pubs we find rich people in Bangkok, here is the phrase which is worth reading with loads of information included herein.

Thonglor Pubs – The Expensive One


The Thonglor Pubs in Bangkok is popular for party, party and big bills from the rich people visiting over here. Equipped with a number of attractions, these pubs include desi beats, fat gutz, and shades of retro and ultimate myst. Ashley Sutton is said to be the chief creator of this hang out place with a number of things one would like to admire. The mix of different beers is so happening over here that anyone will become addict of the same. The drinks over here are said to be the most expensive with the starting price of $20, the most expensive in Bangkok. It is an amazing spot to have your cocktail buds get enriched.  Flown in a massive group of London based mixologists, the menu of cocktails is designed especially from the bygone era of the Europe in the pub named as Vesper. The feel is really classy and delightful with ample of space for the sitting. The rich people visiting here have plenty of options to choose from the list of branded beers and best cuisines of different regions. More foreign crowd is attracted over here which ultimately increases the revenue of the pub.

Beer from the tap – The ultimate luxury

The Australian Pub is a great boon for all the riches in Bangkok to hang out with. With a roster of decent light music, the pub is equipped with delicious cuisines and most interestingly the selection of beers is on tap. The beer prices starts from around 110 baht and ranges till where your pocket can allow. One of the most glamorous places to drink in the Central Bangkok is the Hemingway’s. The grub of the pub is very well executed by the interior designers where the Sunday brunches are proved to be the best place to hang out with a bottle of grand beer. The Cuban music gives the best melody to the billionaires visiting over here on a regular basis. The rooftop terrace and a nautical delightful dining at the back are the specialities in this pub.

Onyx is one of those other luxurious bars where we can find rich people in Bangkok. An absolute classic with only a few tables and stools surrounding the rustic beer pub, this place is very famous particularly for expensive beer bottles that are demanded on a large scale over here. Having a seating capacity of 2,000 this pub is really a boon for those who want to show off to the world.  Far from the hustle and bustle of the world Viva and Aviv located on the Chao Phraya River is a beauty with its popularity in classy cocktails and tremendous lounge beats. Whilst food is chosen by the rich people visiting over here and it is available at a reasonable price as well. With a younger and more diverse crowd, the sunset time is viewed special from the rooftop.

So these are the Pubs where you can find rich people in Bangkok.

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