Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy states that how collects information from its users.

Personal Information

We collect information from users in a multiple ways, when people visit our blog, comment on the blog and users asked to enter their Email I’d and name if they want to subscribe to our blog. However people can browse our blog anonymously.

Non-Personal Information

We catch non personal info like browser name, device they using like mobile or laptop, operating system they using by some trusted third parties like “Google Analytics “ just for personal user experience. If you like to opt-out from Google Analytics Advertising Features then just click on this link

Browser Cookies

We may use cookies in our blog just to enhance experience of the user. If user don’t want to get store their information by cookies then just they can turn off of their browser cookies.


Collected Information Used For

Travelassitant News use your collected information just to send new posts or notification to you and will never share your Email I’d and name to anyone or for advertisement purpose.

How We Protect Users Information

We use trusted anti-malware software’s to protect our data and the user’s information, so your personal information will be safe with us.

Electronic Newsletters

If users subscribe to our blog then they will receive latest updates of our blog to their mail and if they want to unsubscribe then no problem, just the mail they get have the option below to unsubscribe.


We use third party advertisements in our blog and their policies are different from us and we are not responsible for any loss or misuse of the user if they click on advertisements from our blog  So we just suggest you to be careful if you link outside from our blog through clicking advertisements from  But from our end, we take all precautions as much as possible to keep you safe as you are our guest.

Change of Privacy Policy

We have full rights to change privacy policy any time without informing , so request users to view frequently privacy policy of our blog to keep  them updated.

Contact Us

If you have any query related to this policy please contact us at +918147705433 or Email us-