Places of Shemales in Kochi

Accessing shemales in Kochi which is also known as Cochin, is little difficult as there is no notified red light area in the history of Kerala state. Although, it doesn’t imply that prostitution and shemale experiences in Kochi are not at all available. Prostitution has always been an undercover business in the city for years. Although, shemale sex workers were not a part of city prostitution industry from the beginning as compared to other metro cities of India. You can find shemales in the other major cities of India like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Goa and much more.

In recent years, shemales from other cities such as Hyderabad, Bengaluru or Chennai are migrating to Kochi as the market for shemales in these cities are getting saturated. Kochi provides them with the opportunity for making greater money in the relatively untapped market. People are accessing a greater number of Shemales in Kochi with every passing year.


In the absence of a particular red light area, shemales in Kochi are seen on roadsides of commercial and busy areas of the city in the evening. For instance, one can witness street walking shemales at Chittoor Road, which is parallel to MG Road, Kochi’s main business road that connects to all important areas of the city. Post 10 PM in evening, shemales can be accessed on the pedestrian, dressed attractively with loud makeup. Usually, you won’t find pimps who could help you with the deal. Hence, customers need to hire them directly. Citizens of Kochi are comparatively reserved with the idea of shemale pleasure which has resulted in some incidences of violence with shemales when they attempted to earn their living by offering sexual services to the customers. It is advisable for willing customers to aboard shemales in their personal vehicle before they discuss the price and services.

 Similarly, street-walking shemales can also be found in the vicinity of Ajantha Bar, Volga Bar and Prince Bar. The drunken customers from these bars serve as excellent potential customers for these shemales who ply on side lanes in late evening around 10 PM.

Prices of shemale experience vary a lot due to under flourished shemale market. On luckier instances, shemales are cheaply accessible at Rs. 300 if hired from the street and on some other instances one may end up paying as high as 6 to 8 thousand bucks for escort services and rent for the hired flat. In general, prices for various shemale services range between Rs.1000 to Rs.4000.

Another key area known for massage parlours and disguised shemale services is Kaloor. Accessing shemales in Kochi is relatively easier through these massage parlours which employ shemales as massager as a tradeoff prices of such services are relatively high. Other lesser known areas for shemale pleasure include Ernakulam South, MG Road and North Railway Station.

Kakkanad is known for shemale experience in rented flats. Professional shemales in Kochi have contacts with flat-owners who do not occupy these flats but rent them to pimps at Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3000 per day of shemale services. Renting a flat for accessing is a safer option than renting a hotel room as police raids are lesser in these flats.


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