Places of Shemales in Goa

Calangute and Candolim beaches are best-known places for shemales in Goa. These are situated in the northern part of Goa. The prices of services offered by shemales range from Rs.1000 to Rs.10,000. These beaches are popular among shemales as a hot destination for engaging with affluent customers.

Baina beach is another key places of shemales in Goa. This was historically a famous red light area usually flooded with sailors and prostitutes due to its proximity to Mormugao port. After the demolition of Baina Beach Brothels in Vasco in 2004, this area is no longer a red light area, but one can still find shemales in nearby localities. This is possible due to the use of mobile phones and internet. The shemale services are flourishing in this area under the guise of massage parlours. Other famous cities nearby Goa, where you can find shemales are Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai and Chennai.


The main reason for people to visit Goa is to let themselves loose and relax. Shemales in Goa are peddled from numerous places in India including northeastern states and neighbouring countries such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal to satisfy the demands of a varied customer base. Services of foreign shemales can also be availed if one is looking for an exotic experience. The prices charged by foreign as well as northeastern shemales are very high. The rates start from Rs.10,000 upwards. Various dating platforms and websites provide contact information of either the shemales or their agents, who send shemales to the customer’s location.

Baga beach is another place of shemales in Goa. It is situated to the north of Calangute beach and is a popular spot for water sports. Shemales can be seen dressed in meagre clothing along the coastlines during the late evening hours. Rates vary from Rs.1000 to Rs.10,000. Their primary target is drunken individuals because under the influence of alcohol they readily agree to high charges. A word of caution here is that safety should be the top concern of anyone looking for shemales in Goa, as the incidents of looting and harassing clients are fairly common. Also, there are incidents of coercion by shemales who take advantage of customers by intimidating them. Such shemales are backed by a strong network of other shemales. This often happens when the customer refuses to pay or is uncomfortable and tries to get out of the situation.

Other places of shemales in Goa are children’s park near Miramar Beach, where River Mandovi meets the Arabian Sea, in Panjim. Scantily dressed shemales posing as pretty girls is a common sight in the park after sunset or during light hours. Rates are reasonable here and start from Rs.1000. Konkan railway station, Margao and underfoot bridge in Caranzalem have also frequented sites of shemales in Goa.

As Goa has a regular tourist flow, the shemale services are highly developed here. The state has a different way of working when it comes to locating shemales or escorts. The escorts call themselves ‘Service Providers’. Anyone looking for escort service will have to contact the service provider, who will provide a list of his offerings. The customer can have his pick from the choices. The rates are negotiated between them and then the service provider sends the chosen shemale to the customer’s location. Well-off tourists go with this option as this is a relatively expensive option, offering premium services. On a positive side, this option is much safer than the other options.


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