Places of Shemales in Kolkata

One of the most prominent places of shemales in Kolkata is Sonagachi. Sonagachi is situated in North Kolkata near Kolkata’s famous Marble Palace area. Sonagachi is purportedly South Asia’s and thus India’s largest red light area. Narrow alleys, toppling with several multi-story brothels with small apartments form a bewildering maze. The community of sex-workers has a considerable quantity of shemales. More than 9000 women and shemales trafficked into India from Bangladesh, Nepal and surrounding states work in this area. Services in this area can be availed at a rate as low as Rs.100. The living conditions of women working in this area are terrible. They live in small 2 feet by 7 feet rooms. These rooms have just one piece of furniture, usually a small bunk bed which is their main source of livelihood. Safety should be one’s most crucial concern while visiting this area as many shemales and other sex workers suffer from sexually transmitted diseases. The clientele of the shemales in Kolkata are varied as the city has a large population of itinerant workers from the remote areas of Bihar and West Bengal.  If one is looking for cheap thrills, this is a good option provided safety measures are taken. If you are traveling to the capital state of India that is Delhi then you can get shemales here.

Mirza Ghalib Street also referred to as Free School Street area is also a key location where one may find shemales in Kolkata. This street joins Park Street in Central Kolkata to S.N. Banerjee Road.  Many cheap hotels and bars have cropped up in this area. Shemales can be found as part of dancers and serving staff in these bars. These bars, which put up an appearance of selling drinks are actively engaged in offering services of shemales to clients. The shemales in these bars state their prices astutely between sips of whisky. After arriving at a mutually agreeable rate, the client and shemale move to any of the cheap hotels. The rates of services are high due to high numbers of foreigners frequenting this area and start from Rs.1000. You can to explore to other major cities of India like Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Kochi and Goa to find shemales


The dock area of Kolkata is also a place one would want to visit for finding shemales in Kolkata.The port authorities turn a blind eye to the thriving trade. They most of the times allow shemales to enter the vessel at night after receiving a small bribe. If one is looking for an exotic experience onboard a transatlantic liner, one should definitely pay a visit here.

One of Kolkata’s chief thoroughfares, the Jawaharlal Nehru Road, has a wide stretch, which is a famous pickup place of shemales in Kolkata. One may hunt shemales after sunset at this place. Another fashionable and upscale area for finding shemales in Kolkata is Park Street. This area has relatively higher rates from Rs.3000 upwards. Police raids in Park Street are common so one must be cautious while approaching this area.

Escort services are also readily available in Kolkata. One can get in touch with shemales over the phone or WhatsApp messaging. Locanto is a platform which can be referred to while locating shemales in different areas of Kolkata. It provides contact details of shemales or their agents. The price range of escort services is at a higher end and varies between Rs.3000 to Rs.30,000.

Some other places of shemales in Kolkata are Belgachia, Nagarbazar, Taliganja, Tangra, Salt Lake City and Ballygunge.

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