panga nga beach


Phang Nga beach is a right up beach with numerous stunning sites located on the North east side of Phuket. It is situated between Krabi and Phuket. Geographically, the beach is 867 kilometers south of Bangkok .There is so much to see than the fine white sand and the beautiful sunsets. Phang Nga is a fascinating, secluded beach on Phuket Island characterized by numerous outstanding sea and land features, the Marine National Park being a major tourist attraction. The famous Koh Tapu, well known as James Bond Island is another magical scenery tourists visit and explore. Touring and relaxing on beach is an all time great idea as it is calm and serene. Getting around the beach is fun as it not massive and is surprisingly easy to access. Tourists visiting the site get an opportunity to explore every hidden cave, the gorgeous islands and rocky outcrops.

Phang Nga is a picturesque site consisting of white sandy beaches, granite hills and several rocky mountains that provide a perfect backdrop. The beach is well known for beautiful cliffs that are perfectly lined with fossils. The distinct ambience on the cliffs together with the breath-taking caves provides an excellent hideaway for couples and families.


The beach provides an amazing ground for outdoor sporting activities ranging from scuba diving and snorkeling to horse riding and swimming. Tourists have leisure cruising through the emerald waters of the island grasping the amazing view of corals and exotic fish. . The boat trips are so breath taking. Windsurfing is a major sporting activity on this beach. Tuition services for windsurfing are available and are offered by experts. Wind surfing boats are readily available for renting.

Horse riding is offered by several riding clubs. Expert horse riders offer tuition services to beginners. The beach has good climate, tourist enjoy swimming on the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea almost throughout the year. During the May-October rainy season, tourists are advised to be cautious as there are hazardous undertows off this beach. Sunny days are expected even during the rainy season. The beach is therefore an amazing spot for swimming and related activities throughout the year.

Another must-do activity on this beach is scuba diving. Phang Nga beach is an excellent gem for scuba diving. The beach has several scuba dive boats that are always available for hire. Tour companies have vested interest in organizing excursions to islands. Touring couples find this a perfect idea for a relaxing and unwinding. The boats leave the beach for expeditions lasting from one day to a week.

Sea canoeing is yet another popular sporting activity undertaken on this beach. Tourists visiting the beach get a chance to explore the marine caves and islands

Sea diving and snorkeling is always a pleasure, tourist get to watch the different species of tropical fish and coral reefs. The beach is calm and serene good for swimming and getaways. Mountains surrounding the beach act as windbreakers provide an excellent ground for sightseeing.


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