Perfect Ready for an Adventurous Travel

Today’s needs and necessities for an adventurous travel exceed any previous demands of the past. Below are the perfect gadgets and tools which can help you in various ways during your travel to make it as enjoyable as you wish it to be.

Pocket Size Washing Machine


If you’re backpacking across Europe or hiking, then you’ll have the Scrubba Wash Bag to help you clean your laundry and save money as well as time. It can clean clothes in 3 minutes and its size determines its practicality where you can’t carry that much stuff around with you. The washboard is flexible and with a tinge of washing liquids the job is done.

Sandless Beach Mat

This beach mat, initially made for military purposes, is a sand free mat which is impregnable when it comes to cover it with sand. It can be laid at the beach as you go and jet ski. Come back and enjoy with your loved ones a drink with no annoying sand.

Credit Card Folding Utility Knife

This gadget is made of ultralight polypropylene and named Cardsharp2. It is an ultimate tool for adventurers as it has a cutting edge of 65 mm length. It is perfect for hikers or campers as an extremely useful survivor accessory.


Solar Power Inflatable Light

An efficient sustainable source of light for adventurous travel is the LuminAID. Super light in weight at just about 56 grams and added features like waterproof make it a must have accessory for night time. Plus, it can solar charge in 6-7 hours and give up to 16 hours of LED light in return.

Folding Sled

If you are planning to skate on ice as the outdoor enthusiast you are, the folding sled is going to be your signature add-on to your gearbox. It is Swiss and made of ash wood and recyclable engineering plastic which ensures durability as well as makes it easy to assemble and carry around. This winter travel buddy can be used to race too.

Camping Hammock

In case you were planning to camp on much adverse topography, the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock; approved to be the best camping hammock by the famous magazines and also by the American Survival Guide, is the must have gear for a camper. It is waterproof and constitutes of ripstop nylon. It has a net canopy as well.

Water Bottle Purifier

The health hazards caused by drinking unsanitary water are numerous and stomach aches can be a bit depressing. For your adventurous travel you need such an accessory because contamination is hazardous. The purifier is a state-of-the-art gadget which can make pure bacteria free water in just 60 seconds using UV light to kill viruses and bacteria.

Canon Powershot D20

The adventurous travel can be worth a thousand words summed up in one great picture. This 33 feet waterproof camera can work in 14 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit as it is temperature resistant with a gps tracker and can work with gloves making it your companion on sea and ski alike.



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