Explore the Castle-City, Corfu Island

Corfu or Kerkyra, the unique cosmopolitan continental island in the Ionian Sea, in Greece, is the ultimate holiday destination, since it combines it all. It is an island, but in the same time it is a seaside city. It consists of beaches, mountains, fortresses, castles, tree forests, valleys, green hills, […]

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Top 10 Shopping Malls in Bangalore

Bangalore is considered as extraordinary compared to other city for shopping. India’s first shopping center was constructed in this city. The city’s cool atmosphere makes it one of the perfect places for shopping. Well, there are numerous new shopping centers everywhere throughout the city however are few shopping centers that […]

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Book Your Full Day Bangalore Tour

Bangalore is considered as one of the most beautiful places and one of the largest cities in India. This magnificent destination is the capital of Karnataka state in southern India. Every year tourists all over the world visit Bangalore to admire the impressive monuments, the endless parks, the blooming trees […]