Nana Thailand

Nana Thailand (Nana) the place to spend your night

When you think about visiting a ‘Country of Smiles’ you think about visiting many places and one of them should be (Nana) Nana Thailand. The prime thing is the economic factor. The place is one of the economic tourist places in the region. Sukhumvit street is a center of attraction and very famous among tourists. The road is lined up with shopping malls, luxurious hotels, art galleries, museums and popular places on the either side. The prime attraction of the street is the end which is known as downtown Nana area. Wanderers who have visited Nana Thailand have often considered it as a lifetime experience. This article speaks about why, how, where, and when to visit Nana Thailand.

When to visit?


You can visit all the time in a year but you have to take account of climate variations. The safer option is to visit in the dry and cool seasons between December and Early April. If you are going to visit around the end of December please make sure that you do an advanced booking as Nana Thailand is always full house during Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

How to visit?

Nana Thailand is a part of Vadhana or Watthana district (Bangkok province).  When you land in Bangkok you can use either of the following options.

The first option is to go by road. You can hire a cab or take a car on rent. You can drive on East bound highway and branch roads (‘sois’) with your family or friends. This can be a short but sweet road trip with a lot of exciting experiences. There are many car services in Bangkok especially running for tourists; which offer you cabs and cars on rent at economic prices. They also have drop locations in Nana Thailand. This allows you to hire car for only one way and do not have to drive back all the way to Bangkok.

A second option is to use public transport system. You can either use MRT- Blue line or BTS sky train. BTS sky train can be a good option if you like to gaze out of a window during the traveling. You can observe either side for a whole hour. The journey is quick (60 minutes) and comfortable. You get to observe all the sky scrapers on Sukhumvit Street. If you decide to with this option, you have to get down at Nana station. You can trains anytime as there is a train every 30 minutes. MRT- Blue line is one of the fastest options. It is an underground metro system. You can reach in half an hour to the Sukhumvit station. From there you can reach to Nana Thailand( (Nana) in few minutes. The service is faster but it does not drop you directly at Nana Thailand and there is nothing see out of the window.


The third option is to go with the flow. Here we are talking about Khlong Saen Boat Service. You can board any of the express ferries and get down at either Nana Nuea or at Nana Chat. The service is wonderful and something new to try for those who have not traveled in ferries before.

Places to Visit in Nana Thailand:

  1. Nana Plaza: This place is for bachelors and strictly not for family members to visit. This is known as “the world’s largest adult playground”. If you are not interested in playing games then you can just visit to see the things and not to forget various bars and party places. The visual experience is exotic and you can send few hours and witness something extreme. Other than that good quality liquor and some of the odd but tasty delicacies is worth spending time there.
  1. Branded and exotic Restaurants: You get all delicacies from Thai recipes. The food is so tasty that visitors often go back with food stuffed in till their throat. There are some hotels with roof top seating arrangement. The view is so romantic that you should go there with your partner and spend a quixotic evening.
  2. Street food: It is a bit unhealthy but tongue teasing. You get spicy noodles, verities of rice, authentic Thai fast food. You can enjoy one or two different food items. The best thing about these shops is, they are very economical yet tasty.
  3. Laser Tag: The area is known for gaming complexes. You can play Computer games like counter strike, sniper shooting etc. There are many places which offer you this facility. You can play with your friends and family. If you are alone, then you can play with unknown people too. The games are of 15-20 minutes interval but it pumps your body completely and intensity of the game makes you forget everything else. The Laser Tag game can be a real mood freshener. Sometimes you can take part in small competitions and win exciting prizes too. Tourists have often spotted visiting such gaming areas more than once during their stay in Nana Thailand.
  4. Other attractions: There are a lot of other places in and around Nana Thailand. Here are some of the names which you should consider visiting; Terminal 21 shopping mall, Soi Cowboy, Baan Kamthieng House Museum, Benjasiri park, Dinosaur Theme Park, Escape hunt, Flight experience Bangkok, and Kidzoona.
  5. Massage centers: everyone in this world knows that Thailand is famous for massage. And Nana Thailand is not an exception to it. You can visit any of the massage parlors. Buy yourself a good massage and relax. The experience is unique and something to remember for the lifetime. Just make sure that you visit a standard place. You can identify a standard place by its location and certifications. Generally, all the good masseuses have their parlors inside a shopping mall or as a massage or beauty clinic.

When you are visiting Nana Thailand keep your passport all the time with you and make sure that you do not engage in any fights or illegal activity. The Thai police system is very efficient and friendly. As a visitor, you should always seek their help if you need any. You should visit Nana Thailand; it is one of the most wonderful places in Thailand.

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