Must see locations on Thailand Visit

The country has so much to provide so here we suggest some of the musts see locations when on a Thailand visit.



Thailand has some beautiful islands that are famous around the world. The beautiful scenery and the amazing atmosphere on their beaches make them the number one spot on the list while planning a Thailand visit.

Islands of Thailand are divided into three parts. Ko Samet and Ko Chang lie towards the east of Bangkok, Ko Pha Ngan and Ko Tao lie in the Gulf of Ko Samui, and Ko Phi Phi and Phuket are situated in the Andaman sea.

Phuket is the most modern island and has two bridges connecting it to the mainland.Ko Phi Phi is very famous for the James Bond movie shooting that happened. Ko Tao is the spot for divers.  There are many more islands that are less popular but very beautiful if one wants a serene holiday.


Another must see destination during Thailand visit is the capital city Bangkok. The largest city of Thailand has a lot to present in form of its ancient temples, magnificent palaces, famous nightlife, huge markets and streets vendors selling souvenirs and an amazing variety of food.


The city has the famous Emerald Buddha and the huge grand palace along with many parks and beaches. Shopping is available in all budgets and water markets are very famous amongst tourists. Get Indian restaurants in Bangkok.

Chiang Mai:

Another city in Thailand, Chiang Mai offers something for everyone. Chiang Mai usually acts as a base location for exploring the surrounding area. The city has an ancient history and many Wats and monasteries are there to see. The city itself is calm and not as hustling as Bangkok.

On a day trip from this city, one can go to nearby villages, rainforest reserves with elephant sanctuaries, waterfalls, forest Wat, hot water springs and beautiful countryside. There are many adventure trips available


Pai is a beautiful town famous for its photographic valley. It is located in the foothills and so the visitors love to trek and climb the hills and visit the hill tribes here. There are beautiful waterfalls, elephant camps, and hot springs just outside the town.

Phanom Rung:

This is an old Hindu shrine known for its beautiful architecture and was built in between 10th to 13th century by Khmers. It is built on an extinct volcano.

It was built to represent Mount Kailash which is the home of Lord Shiva. This temple has a sanctuary which has 15 doorways.

Only four times in a year the sun comes at an angle when it shines through all 15 doorways. Many light and sound shows happen here.


This is small peninsula with no direct mainland access and the only way to this place is through the boats. This place has high limestone cliffs and is famous among the rock climbers all over the world.

Do visit these locations on your next Thailand visit. Checkout the best flights from India to Thailand.

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