monkey beach


Monkey beach is found on the Phi Phi Island, south west of Tonsai bay. Geographically, the beach is located about 700 metres from the jetty on the South-western side of Tonsai bay in Krabi province. A gem on Phuket, the beach is commonly referred to as Phi Phi Don. The beach receives tourists from all over the world, most of them coming from India, China, Japan, Europe, Singapore, Malaysia and other wealthy Asian countries. The Monkey beach, a 150 metres strip of white powdery sand is fringed by emerald waters of the Andaman Sea, providing a scenic view and a major drawcard for tourists.  Visiting Monkey beach is a perfect way of spicing up your vacation, and an amazing way to unwind and have fun.

The back side of this beach is a steep limestone cliff which is covered with lush vegetation providing monkeys with favourable habitat for their existence. The monkeys are playful; they paddle in the waters and the courageous one get up close with tourists visiting the beach in search of food. Sometimes they are wild and harsh; tourists are advised to take caution when playing with the mischievous animals. Boats drop off tourist on this beach giving them a chance to feed and play with the monkey. It is fun taking photos with the cute lovely animals. The tall limestone cliffs behind the beach provide shading to the monkeys on hot afternoons and this is probably the most appropriate time to watch the glamour of monkeys playing and moving around the beach. Beautiful mountains surrounding the beaches act as home for the adorable animals. The caves and coral reefs are an amazing idea for hideaways.


Tourists visiting Monkey beach enjoy numerous outdoor sporting activities. The Monkey beach is an amazing spot for snorkelling and diving in the turquoise waters and beautiful corals. Getting around the beach is easy. There are different means that can be used for one to get to this beach. One can decide to hire a long tail boat near Tonsai jetty which is the easiest way, one can also decide to rent a sea kayak which will take you thirty to forty minutes all by yourself. Monkey beach is not only famous for its inhabitants that are furry but also for the interesting top notch snokerling spot.

The warm waters of the Andaman Sea are shallow and calm providing an amazing spot for swimming and sunbathing. In addition to providing a perfect swimming ground, the waters host different species colourful fishes.

For those who love outdoor sporting activities, trekking on the sandy beach and going for adventurous hikes are all time favourites for many tourists. Families and couples find hiking a perfect way of spending time on the breath taking Monkey beach. Riding water jet is another exciting activity on this beach.  Cruising through the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea is yet another enjoyable activity. Water taxis and fishing boats are available for hire on the beach.