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Maya Beach Of Phuket

Maya beach is a major tourist attraction site in Phuket. Geographically, the beach is located in Placencia Peninsula. The beach is 209 kilometers south of Belize City.  Phuket is Thailand’s largest island measuring 21 kilometers long. For those who love warm areas, Phuket has a favorable environment for outdoor leisure activities. The beach experiences tropical monsoon climate.  Talking of calmness, the beach is a very quiet and serene place and many tourist visit to relax, unwind and have fun with family and friends. Many prefer sun bathing on the beach while enjoying great seafood offered in luxurious restaurants along the beach. Surrounded by cliffs, about 100 meters tall on three sides, the beach provides a stunning view to anyone visiting the site. The beach is always warm; it receives sunlight throughout the year as it is located along the equator.

Phuket provides one of the best places to visit in Thailand and the entire world. It is characterized very pleasant views ranging from the beautiful fine white sand beaches to the scary limestone cliffs.  For those who prefer site seeing, the beach, the Maya mountains, Cockscomb Wildlife Basin and the Southern Mayan ruins are some of the nearby attractions that tourists can visit and explore.


The beach has a good, well developed transport system. It is served with a domestic airport that operates on daily basis.  There are several flights to and fro Belize every day.

Maya beach is very famous and the film, The Beach was filmed here back in 1999. Maya beach is a tourist destination for visitors from all over the world, it is a must go recreational centre. The beaches’ clear warm water allow for scuba diving. Along the beach are several stunning tourist resorts, boutique hotels bars and hotels.

Maya beach is a perfect place to go on vacation. Several land and sea activities take place in the beach

 Tourists visiting the beach get to enjoy exciting sporting activities such as diving, boat rides, surfing, and horseback riding. Ferry boats enable access to various parts of the beach. The beach cruiser offers a perfect way of exploring the beach. Tourists visit several islands in their tour and get the pleasure of feeding monkeys and watching several species of marine life. Sky diving is offered at the beach. Fishing is also a favorite activity for many tourists. The beach is endowed with massage experts that offer traditional Thai massage.  Scuba and snorkeling, nature and wildlife tours are some of the very exciting outdoor activities tourists undertake on this beach. Cave exploration, marine mammal observation and hiking are some of the very exciting activities tourists get a chance to engage in.

Maya beach has shallow clear waters and many tourists spend their holidays swimming and sunbathing on this beach. It is surrounded by several limestone hills. Most villas on this island have great ambience providing the best views of the island. It is appealing to couples families and individual visitors. Maya beach is among the best places in Thailand for spending leisure time.


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