London Geller College of Hospitality and Tourism

London Geller College of Hospitality and Tourism

The bachelor’s program in Hospitality and Tourism of “London Geller College of Hospitability and Tourism” gives you admission through its international orientation. You can get the information at the following link; You will learn a high degree of practical relevance and broad language training. A career in the hospitality and tourism sector is rapidly growing. London Geller College is affiliated to the University of West London. A compulsory international semester in New York also enables you to gain intercultural experience and expand your language competences.

International Hotel Management:


The module of international hotel management at the University of West London prepares you ideally for work in international hotels and resorts. Recognized professional practitioners show the interrelations between tourism and the hotel industry. They address the topics of organization, performance and corporate image in the hotel industry. Topics include room scheduling and reservation systems, hotel management, room division management, hospitality leadership, personnel management, quality management and crisis management. At the same time, you will also learn how different cultural and economic backgrounds can be considered.

In addition, you will get to know the essential areas of food and beverage management. Goods management, restaurant management, and planning as well as kitchen management and sales which you will get to know.

Tourism management:

Based on the classical value chain, you will learn about the basic relationships in the field of tourism. The complex interplay of travel agencies, tourist companies, destinations, transport companies, and accommodation is analyzed here. You will learn at the very least from planning to development. Also, the behavior of travelers, which strongly influences the management of tourist activities, is dealt with here.

Further building blocks are the marketing of tourist events and the development of marketing strategies for cities and regions. There are many top tourism colleges in the world if you like to take admission.


Career opportunities after the bachelor’s degree:

Career opportunities are bright after completion of bachelor’s degree from the University of West London. Despite the economic crisis, there were more than one billion tourists in 2012. The world tourism organization expects an annual growth of about 4 percent by 2020. The career opportunities for academic tourism, hotel and event managers are outstanding. And all the credit goes to globalization and the increasing numbers of leisure and business travelers.

In the University of West London, due to the wide range of entrance possibilities, you have good opportunities for a career in the middle and top management. With your business knowledge, the acquired intercultural skills, your foreign experience, good knowledge of foreign languages. Also, of course, the necessary specialist knowledge you will be able to create a wide range of activities:

  • Travel agencies and business travel agencies
  • City and destination marketing
  • Hotels, hostels, and resorts
  • Health and wellness facilities
  • Event agencies
  • Leisure and Adventure Park
  • Exhibition
  • Consultancies

In the University of West London, the focus is on the management of tour operators, travel agencies, hotels, and transport companies such as airlines, buses, railways, and shipping.

Marketing and public relations, legal foundations, e-tourism as well as sustainability in tourism are further important contents of the practical lectures, seminars, and exercises.

London Geller College of Hospitality and Tourism is undoubtedly a very well known college that which is affiliated with the University of  West London. And their aim is to deliver a high quality of learning experience that ensures you the opportunity to become business-minded graduates. Here is the link to the London Geller College of Hospitality and Tourism,

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